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  1. jmt

    2003 ss

    huntsville al. only want to sell.
  2. jmt

    2003 ss

    2003 black ss for sale 112700 miles stock southern truck very good condition. $15,000 obo
  3. jmt

    2003 ss value

    why does nada and edmunds put such a low value on these trucks?
  4. jmt


    no,does not have hydro boost.thx john
  5. jmt


    recently bought a 2003 ss. a little hard to turn with truck sitting still. is this normal because of awd?
  6. jmt

    trouble code

    thanks for the help.changed air filter and cleaned maf. so far so good.thx john
  7. jmt

    trouble code

    have a 2003 silverado ss with code p0101 .what is most likely cause?
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