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  1. I decided to tear apart the engine. Found the 2nd cam bearing has spun and came out with the cam. It's all the machine shop now getting new cam bearings
  2. I've done 2 oil changes since I got it. 1 when I bought it and 2nd one when I replaced oil pump. I've been told before that it could be the oring not right size and causing oil pump to suck up air? Is that possible? I bought the OEM pump and oring from a dealership
  3. Doesn't consume oil. Low oil pressure message comes on when I come to a stop and oil pressure drops to 0psi. The engine light is on but I believe it's for the cats
  4. So I finally had the chance to buy an ss. its a 2004 with a lot of tlc needed. my biggest concern is that when I come to a stop there is no oil pressure but when I start driving the oil pressure comes up to about 20 psi and stays there while driving. I replaced oil sending unit sensor and oil pump but no change. I am at the point of rebuilding with all new cam and rod bearings. Does anyone have any other opinions what might be the issue? If I rebuild does anyone recommend a good camshaft that does not need to be tuned?
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