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  1. Old setup with 10.7 lbs of boost https://youtu.be/eXVj59Hgto8
  2. Well I hit 10.7 lbs of boost and just wasn't enough, lol. I changed the pulley setup and I am just over 16.5 lbs of boost now and the truck moves! I hope to have some numbers in the next couple of days. In the spring I do plan on dropping the LS2 stroker in, upping the cubes!
  3. Just finishing up the mechanical and tuning on the LSA install. 6.0 LQ9 with CnC’d LSA heads FIC 850cc Injectors (updated* 1000cc) 2 Bar MAP (updated* 3 bar) Comp Cam 54-454-11 LSA Supercharger 7.8 lower/ 2.35 upper (updated* 9.2 lower / 2.35 upper) 103mm Nick Williams TB 5 inch JLT CAI LS3 Blade MAF (updated* speed density) 1 7/8 headers 3 inch exhaust 3500 Circle D stall 4L80e All Wheel Drive
  4. SOLD I have a new coupler from Time2kill that I purchased as a spare and no longer need. It was never installed. SOLD
  5. Wow! What an awesome transaction and a really cool person!! We chatted many times about the wheels and we worked everything out. Wheels where better than exppected and where shipped with care!!! Thank again for the wonderful transaction and wheels!!!! IMG_20200206_164744221
  6. They are NOT a direct fit to your stock intake manifold. You stock manifold is a 3 bolt and these are 4 bolt. They do make adapters. Also you will need a Xlink conversion harness to make it work.
  7. I know it is hit in the front, but any bumper brackets that can be straightend out. I would like to try to reproduce them. Thanks!
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