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  1. Anybody know if you can still buy the driver side leather bottom half of our seats from a dealership? Am I junk yard bound? Or someone no any deals out there to be had?Kept jumping in with a kydex sheath on and ****ed mine all up
  2. Who said you can’t teach stupid, was able to put a picture up finally, answers probably the same but appreciate the reply all the same
  3. I do can’t figure out how to send em though, have two directly above the SS emblems on the door and one on the right side of the tailgate, thank you for responding, figured as much but still good to ask around to people with more knowledge then me god bless brother
  4. Crickets ? Lol happy Friday boyz
  5. Anybody know if the prior owner of my truck just stuck a limited edition emblem on my truck or is it just for additional equipment they purchased for it when they purchased it. I’ve looked around and haven’t seen this limited edition emblem anywhere and seems original. Love my SS best vehicle I’ve ever owned
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