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  1. Hey everyone, my name is Mason and I’m from Texas but moved about a year ago to Denver, CO. I purchased a 2002 GMC Sierra Denali quadrasteer with a supercharger and 90k mikes a little over a year ago. About six months ago after a trip up flagstaff road my transmission gave out on me and since I love this truck I decided to do a 4L80e swap which has been a very long and relatively costly mission. I can contribute almost all of my success to these forums even though I never interacted until now that I am looking for someone to segment swap for me. Just wanted to say hello and thanks to everyone that makes this a great source as well as a bit about my truck.
  2. Hello all, I recently did a 4L80e swap in my 2002 Sierra Denali and everything is almost buttoned up except tuning it. I was under the impression until recently that you could use a regular obd cord to connect with hp tuners but have had no such luck. If I’m not mistaken you need the hardware and I won’t use it enough to justify purchasing one. if I am mistaken please help me out but if not I will gladly pay someone to come tune my pcm to a 4L80e. I am located in Arvada, Colorado and my rig is pretty stationary at the moment but if need be I can arrange to trailer it.
  3. Does anyone know if the input adapter for nvg149 can still be had from time2kill or someone else? Need to replace my transmission and decided on 4L80E
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