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  1. LOL, yeah I know! After the tranny try to tape it on the block and listen for engine noises during the downshift!
  2. No output speed sensor on the 60/65 trannys, so slip cannot be detected. The 4L80 trannys have both input and output speed sensors, so do the Allisons. It is possible the clutches/bands slip during the hard downshift, maybe they are chattering and the KS are detecting that? Might be worth taping the microphone to the tranny and see if it picks up anything!
  3. If they did a filter change, then it's probably the O-ring that goes on the filter outlet and into the valve body. I bet you'll find it's cut or damaged.
  4. Gotcha! Pretty much the same other than the tcase and the front shaft is a little different. Helped a guy swap the NVG149 into an Avalanche that had the Autotrac case. Had another guy that was collecting parts to do the Autotrac case INTO a Sierra Denali. (wants to smoke his tires!!!) Little more difficult that way since there are computer interfaces involved with the Autotrac clutch, while the 149 is all mechanical. I'm doing a NVG149 swap into my wifes 04 Avalanche as soon as I can get the free time to do it. It is far superior to the Autotrac in wet and especially snow! Before I plow my driveway I usually play with the two trucks a little and the AWD is far better in the deep snow. Lots of fun though!
  5. We have a few lifted Sierra Denali's over on the Denali Truck forum Joe. Some say they get some vibration when lifting more than a couple of inches, then some don't have any problems going 3+ inches up. You mentioned Autotrac, but are you aware all 2002-2007 Sierra Denali's come with the NVG149 AWD tcase that came in the AWD SS's?
  6. The 2007 Seirra Denali will have the 6.2, 6 speed auto and AWD too. Hopefully Chevy will carry it over to the SS too! Benkey, it's still OBD2 to the best of my knowledge and is actually quite similar. Same tables and tuning parameters. It's the Canbus that makes them so different!
  7. Hate to say it, but probably not. The new trucks use a completly new smaller pcm and a whole new wiring system called Canbus. Untill someone comes up with a stand alone controller I think we're out of luck with this new tranny. You can't even get a signal from the ASDL connector on Canbus vehicles, so all our diagnostic tools won't even work! The Aeroforce won't work either, but a new canbus version will be out shortly!
  8. Most other countries use a system called RON or Research Octane Number to determine the octane rating of their gasoline, while stateside we use a system called AKI or Anti-Knock Index to determine gasoline's octane rating. Our own AKI system is actually derived from the average of the RON system and another more complicated system referred to as MON or Motor Octane Number. Multiply the foreign RON Octane rating by 0.95 and you will have the US AKI equivalent. 95 RON Octane x 0.95 = 90.25 AKI Octane (US measure)
  9. Could be as simple as a clogged vent hose too. That would cause oil to be pushed out both the front and back of the diff.
  10. How about Tbyrne? He's in Westport MA and both sells and installs. He's one of the sites preferred vendors!
  11. Here's an interesting site that shows how temp affects performance and engine wear. http://performanceunlimited.com/illustrati...hermostats.html BTW..I looked at a few stock thermostat that I took out of 00, 02 and 04 trucks and they are all marked 100C. That is 212 degrees F!!! I had a guy from my forum tell me his 04 was marked 96/100C, so I take it that is the range it opens. What are your stock thermostats marked and what do they actually open at? I was replacing stock with a 180 yesterday in my 99 so I did the stovetop test. I always test the thermostats before I put them in. Of the 4 stock thermostats, one opened at 205 two others a hair over 212 degrees (the water was boiling) and one still wasn't open at 220, the one from the 99. No wonder it was running hot. It must have been running on strictly bypass. The bypass is the second valve hanging down off the thermostat. The 180 opened at 190 BTW. Close enough for a work truck! Butch
  12. Was answering fuelsluts post from above about the noise Ben. We always do the first tune on a SC on the conservative side to establish a baseline, then nail it with a retune when we see the dyno charts with the A/F ratios!
  13. I'll see if that will be possible. It's going to be nice to have an induction that is designed specifically for the RADIX. This way we all won't have to make other systems fit. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Tom, I was just talking to Aaron about this. The new larger filter is about 1" longer that the filter previously used in the GM Outlaws and is now the standard filter for all GM Outlaws, supercharged or NA, they all will come with the same large filter now. FYI.. I asked Mark, the truck owner in the pic above that was the prototype truck, the following.... "How would you rate the noise level between the stock intake and the Outlaw intake on your Radix Mark?" His answer...... "Butch, There was no noticeable differance, Very quiet. The increase in power is amazing. I would even go so far as to say the power increase is equal or better than that of the tune. Mark" Hope that helps everyone! Tom will have them available in a week or two!!! Butch
  14. Ben, Mark only has the stock box and the custom made prototype Outlaw so unfortunatly that's all we'll be able to test. Going to be a long dyno session as is. Baseline, stock box. Outlaw, wires and Mafs. With 2 pulls eack thats 10 pulls. Adding meth injection too so that could be a couple more. At least the 3" pulley is going on before the test! I would imagine the test done awhile ago on this site between the Outlaw, Volant and stock on a NA engine would show about the same percentage gains on a SC application, though I think the Outlaw will outflow in CFM, mainly because of it's large box. Why would you want to use this cut down version on a N/A Engine? I guess it would line up with a stock tube, but there not the best tube by far. That air box that was cut down for Marks truck was the standard GM box, same as I have in my NA truck. Just shortened 3" and mounted 1" lower. Butch
  15. My friend Mark from CA just installed a Radix, hedders and a Wester's tune on his 2004 Sierra Denali. To get the fine tuning done on his Wester's tune he went to the Granetelli shop to get on their AWD dyno. After a few pulls we now can nail down the A/F ratio on the tune. It was in the 11.4 range so we have a little to work with. The guy at Granetelli suggested adding the 15 HP wires and a Granetelli MAFS. Now i'm pretty skeptical about those gains, but Mark is going back in a week or two and we will really see what the wires add. I suggested that he make a baseline run, then add the wires and make a run, then add the MAFS and make a run, and watch him CLOSE to see that no hanky-panky is going on with the dyno! I'll report the results of that test. Now for the reason I posted here!!! On the way back from Granetelli, I had set Mark up with a meeting at Outlaw (I am a dealer) to use his truck to design the Radix intake. He spent 5 hours there. They took a full laser scan of the engine so they can CAD design the finished product. After fabbing up different setups, Aaron at Outlaw decided the best approach was to cut about 3" off the Outlaw airbox and remount the fender seal. This, along with not using the rubber mounting feet brought the Outlaw box right in line with the Radix tube after some trimming. It came out looking very nice! The new radix kits will have this custom trimmed air box with the standard Outlaw fender seal. They are making the trimming fixtures up now for it and will have them ready to ship in a couple of weeks. On Mark's 150 mile ride home, he had a 1.5 mpg increase and a BIG boost in felt HP and torque. Yes, I know, it's a SOTP thing, but he said it felt quite a bit stronger. In a few weeks when he goes back to the Granetelli dyno, we will try to do a stock box vs Outlaw intake test and see what the results really are. More to come!
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