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  1. Welcome! congrats on the purchase!
  2. I appreciate the advice and videos. I ended up picking up a fully bolt on 03. it already has dynatech LTs with high flow cats and corsa sport. Sounds nice and tame until you open it up.
  3. Im about to pickup a new to me 03 SSS AWD and I am so up in the air on exhaust. Exhaust is one of the first things I want to do but not sure exactly which muffler or the right way to go about achieving my goal. I like the sound of the Borla ProXS exhaust and I am thinking about either doing dumps before the axle or tips exit the side in front of the rear wheel. From what I can tell the SSSs came with true dual all the way to the muffler and then single out. Is my best option to get the 2 mufflers or a dual in/out, an xpipe, and do I just take everything to an exhaust shop? Or, can I just cut/unbolt the old muffler and clamp in my own Borla Muffler(s)? Future mods is going to be Speed Engineering LTs with their true dual x mid pipe (cats welded in), BTR stage 2 truck cam, tune, etc with other bolt ons. What is everyone's opinion and/or advice?
  4. Thanks for the advice Richard. I did decide on truck number 3 for the same reasons you mentioned. The low mileage outweigh the current mods. Plus, I dont mind tinkering and doing the work myself. Once the owner told me the truck is on its second set of tires, because the first ones dry rotted... thats what sold me there.
  5. Thank you much! Cant wait to get my hands on an SS Im about 15 minutes east of Nashville. Sounds like you like your toys. Those SRT8s are nice! I know I am going to miss my GTO, so im hunting for an SS to casually drive around and have fun with!
  6. So I am shopping around for SSSs and I am stuck between 3 and wanted to get some of yalls opinions. Ill list the 3 below with a short description. Let me know what yall think. 1. 04 Black AWD. 99k Miles $15,000 BTR Truck Stg 2 cam, tune, shorty headers, exhaust, lowered 2/3. Mods only have 3k miles on them. Interior is 8 out of 10. Clear coat faded on roof. Bed cover, and carpeted liner. Located 2 hours away from me. (This truck pretty much has all the mods done to it that I would do myself.) 2. 03 Blue AWD 72k miles. $13,080 Stock. Bed cover. Interior/Exterior is about 8 out 10. 5.5 hours away north. 3. 04 Black AWD 53k miles. $14,500. All Stock. Bed cover. Carpeted bed liner. Interior is 9 out of 10. Exterior is 9 out of 10. Mildly smoked in. Located 5.5 hours away south. Part of me says go for the modded one, that is lest work and money I would have to put in it. But its also hard to pass up a lower mileage truck. Thanks for yalls opinions.
  7. Yeah they are nice. I know I am going to miss having a sporty street toy. So thats why I am on the hunt for and SSS
  8. Im looking to buy SSS. The one I am looking at, the guy has already cam and bolt ons. He is running speed eng. shorty headers, but he had the factory cats cut out and a pipe welded in place. I was going to see what were my options to have cats back? I have to go through emissions where they do visual inspection, so I will need to have something back in the cats place. Is it just as simple as buying some universal high flow cats, and having an exhaust shop weld them in? What other options are there? Thanks in advance! -Erik
  9. Starting my search now, but wanted to get a feeler of how many SSS are available out there. Looking for one under 100k miles and AWD. Not too particular on color, but arrival blue is my top pic. Thanks in advance.
  10. Erik, 35, Middle TN. Hello everyone, long time fan of the SS. I dont own one yet, but about to start my search, and plan to post in the WTB section. I have been a GM/LS engine muscle head for a while. About to sell my 2006 GTO to pay off my Ram Sport. Plan from there is to sell the Ram to buy an SS. Seems like a lot of work, I know. I think the SS will be perfect bridge to have a truck in the household and something sporty to drive around for fun. Hopefully within the next few months ill be posting pictures of my new to me SS.
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