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  1. Ok I will take a shot at it first brightest and furtherst distance are not the same as to get a light to shine as far as possible (excluding lasers) you need a small a bulb as possible and a big reflactor for example google the gigathrower that was a thought 2 of those then there is barge and train and jet lights (you did say in the world ) but for the brightest i would use xhp 70.2 crees in a reflactor then 500w led x4 on each side run a inverter and thermal paste nice chink of aluminum water cool them through the heater core or raditor ...i once ran 4 x xhp 70 on a bycycle and sure as [email protected] this truck bright lights me and wont dim which i was hoping some one would lol so i flip the switch from 45 lumin bike light to 20,000 lumin country boy set up and he had to stop dead wood .......60" led tv with busted screens are a dime a dozen take the screen out of it and it makes the best 6work light/shop light you ever seen pure white light got one on my truck now ill have to upload the pict keep the comments from calling me a story teller ....but if your just out to blind every one just get a couple 100mw green lasers and take the focus lens out about 1/16" make a spot size of a car at 50 yards ( green is the closest light to the human eye spectrum ) and say you had em on a switch frount and rear be impossible for say um augh police to chase you .....fire extinguesher backwards on a r1 works good too take the pin run a cable to the handle bars through eye loops you pull the cable ring then take your foot and kick down the handel prob shouldnt jump speed bumps in parking lots if you do take my word for it ....or mount em higher lol .... iphone not cooperating repair 4 anything at icloud if you want to see it ill send you a pict nothing special though but there nice light extra white mount one about 3ft above your work bench and you will love it ..FACT !
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