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  1. I'm am in the process of locating cladding for the driver side door. My SS is AB but the color doesn't matter as I will have it painted. Thx in advance.
  2. Sent you a message regarding some parts. Thanks.
  3. How's it going? I am in the process of trying find the spare tire key cover for my SSS. It was missing when I purchased the vehicle. Any info would be appreciated.
  4. Changin out my headlights and assembly. Doing some research on the net, I see there are a ton of options for HID lights. For those that installed them, how are they working out for you? Don't just want to buy some random lights.
  5. Thanks. I like to go in there with some knowledge of the issue. What you stated makes sense in the way of the wheel bearings since the noise grows the faster the wheels spin. I’ll post an update later this week.
  6. In the 2003 SSS I picked up, there is a whining noise coming from under the truck. I was told by the dealer that they redid the rear end. I plan on taking it to the shop this week but like to have an idea of what it could possibly be before doing so. I am pretty sure someone has had this experience before lol. I'm guessing it has something to do with the transfer case. Right now, fixing that is priority number for the SS. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  7. On the look out for a blue passenger side license plate light assembly. SSS I just picked up is missing it. Can't seem to find it on the net anywhere. Thanks.
  8. Thanks for the reply. Going to get on it.
  9. What's up? Looking to level out the rear end on my SS. Any suggestion as to what kit I should get and how much of a drop? I am guessing around 2 inches.
  10. How's it going? I recently purchased a 2003 SS out of GA. Totally unplanned. Just retired from the Army and was going to buy after relocating. Came a across one with a lot of miles which is what I wanted since I have plans for it. Truck has 360+ miles. Drove my Altima to GA from SC and towed the car back on a dolly after purchasing it. To have so many miles, it handled very well and cruised back at around 75-80. Four hour drive. The rear end was re-done but there is a loud whining when I'm driving, it's AWD so I am wandering if it is coming from the transfer case. Going to have it checked out. There some other things I need to do to get it up to my standard but want to tackle the main issue first.
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