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  1. UGH. Id love to have those wheels! Too bad I dont live anywhere near texas. GLWS!
  2. BUMP. Still looking for a dash insert and brake ducts. Possibly a cluster for an 06-07.
  3. Bump. Been gone for awhile. Bought headrests Still looking for a SS dash insert In my time away I did lots of research on parts I want. Looking for Oem SS bumper air ducts, bumper grill, and an ss style 06-07 grill. (HD grill)
  4. Build is coming together very slow.. Been trying to get my z06 brakes and suspension stuff done before getting my motor in.. Life keeps getting in my way lol. Color is summit white! I am sending you a pm!
  5. Thank you! I started digging and actually found some parts awhile ago! But figured maybe this way would be easier if someone seen this post
  6. If someone has any parts you can text me, I dont get on here often 701-425-3742 Also interested in SS brake ducts, cluster, tailgate top cladding, and maybe some other SS parts.
  7. Looking to change up the interior in my scsb 07c silvy wanting some ss pieces. WTB: SS Headrests SS Dash Insert TBSS Steering wheel airbag (Maybe someone has one)
  8. I would be interested in a set of front brackets if you still have them.
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