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  1. Do you still have these and possibly the grill inserts as well? Thx. SR
  2. Do you still have oem wheels and diamond grill / bumper inserts? Thx SR
  3. Do you still have the wheels? Thx. SR 214-212-5069 cell.
  4. Do you still have wheels? Thanks, Steve R.
  5. Do you still have black grills available? Thx. Steve R.
  6. Ad is somewhat dated. Did your wheels sell or still available? Thx. Steve R.
  7. Do you still have these wheels and if so, do you have a lead on a fourth cap? Don't need tires, buying new. Thanks, Steve R.
  8. Just recently acquired low mileage 03 SS with a custom mesh aluminum grill that looks fine, but I would prefer to replace with the original style for now.  Do you still have the grill and if so, how many inserts are there? Thanks,  Steve R.

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