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  1. Site has been upgraded

    1. houston05tx


      awesome! thank you sir!

    2. sk_josh


      you are welcome. lots more changes to come. stay tuned!

    3. Tru Killer

      Tru Killer

      Awesome! I was finally able to reset my password after several months! Thank you.

  2. sk_josh

    New users cannot join

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention. We actually have an upgrade for the site scheduled soon. Lots of new features coming. For a sneak peak feel free to check out gm-trucks.com Sorry to the new members trying to register. Hang tight, we will get ya fixed up here real quick!! Josh
  3. sk_josh

    Let the Games Begin!!!!

    Thanks for bringing us along for the ride.
  4. sk_josh

    More Craigslist Junk

    "As you can see this truck is on head turning ride." Yeah.. uh.. something like that.
  5. sk_josh

    Chevy Parody ( Funny)

  6. sk_josh

    pages not showing properly?

    OK, there actually isn't anything "wrong", however, the default cutoff date was set to 30 days for this forum. I have have corrected this, and changed the default to 'All'. Here is an image if you would like to know how to change this on your own.
  7. sk_josh

    pages not showing properly?

    Yeah, something is definitely up. I will be looking into how to get this fixed. Thanks guys!
  8. sk_josh

    Wheatley not a vendor anymore?

    He is no longer a vendor as of the new year. I dont know whether he is still tuning or not.
  9. sk_josh

    New site logo?

    Yep, for a few days it reverted back to the default forum icon. I replaced it but you may have to clear your cache to get back to the old logo...
  10. sk_josh

    what do you guys think?

    Low miles and looks sexy!
  11. sk_josh

    ss posters

    I've doubled the allowed amount of stored PM's for members.
  12. sk_josh

    Southeast Texas Victory Red Project

    Welcome aboard!! Can't wait to see pictures.. keep us posted on your progress!
  13. sk_josh

    We need those business cards...

    Yeah, that's gotta be it. Nice effort..
  14. sk_josh

    We need those business cards...

    Hideous. Why does the paint look so bad? or is it just wet.. I can't tell.
  15. sk_josh


    I have responded. Please excuse the delay.