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Community Answers

  1. Site has been upgraded

    1. houston05tx


      awesome! thank you sir!

    2. sk_josh


      you are welcome. lots more changes to come. stay tuned!

    3. Tru Killer

      Tru Killer

      Awesome! I was finally able to reset my password after several months! Thank you.

  2. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. We actually have an upgrade for the site scheduled soon. Lots of new features coming. For a sneak peak feel free to check out gm-trucks.com Sorry to the new members trying to register. Hang tight, we will get ya fixed up here real quick!! Josh
  3. Thanks for bringing us along for the ride.
  4. "As you can see this truck is on head turning ride." Yeah.. uh.. something like that.
  5. OK, there actually isn't anything "wrong", however, the default cutoff date was set to 30 days for this forum. I have have corrected this, and changed the default to 'All'. Here is an image if you would like to know how to change this on your own.
  6. Yeah, something is definitely up. I will be looking into how to get this fixed. Thanks guys!
  7. He is no longer a vendor as of the new year. I dont know whether he is still tuning or not.
  8. Yep, for a few days it reverted back to the default forum icon. I replaced it but you may have to clear your cache to get back to the old logo...
  9. I've doubled the allowed amount of stored PM's for members.
  10. Welcome aboard!! Can't wait to see pictures.. keep us posted on your progress!
  11. Yeah, that's gotta be it. Nice effort..
  12. Hideous. Why does the paint look so bad? or is it just wet.. I can't tell.
  13. I have responded. Please excuse the delay.
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