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  1. Also i think i have a bad fransfer case i was wondering if that could have case my front differential to got out
  2. I was wonder what i could use for a new front diff would any 4.10 diff out of a 4x4 work i heard i only need to swap the passenger arm carrier my current front diff blew out
  3. Just replaced the cv axles and it still makes the same noise now im pretty sure its the front diff sway bar looks fine i seen something about a transfer case chain being loose plus my transfer case leaks oil could be that too might just have someone look at it might just cut the axles and go into 2wd for now
  4. Ive been driving my ss for around 4 years now and i started getting a loud clunk when turning and acceleratinh started about 2 weeks ago it would do it ocaissionally now its every time it turns if i drive straight it sounds fine but once i turn the sound is so loud i cant even drive it bought the truck with a blown front diff and replaced it about 3 years ago wondering if you guys think it would be the diff or an axle or something esle
  5. It has to be the engine because it only does it in the heat it drives perfect during good weather i just replaced an 02 sensor because i was running lean in bank 2 but im also getting a code for a vacuum leak so im going to fix that next
  6. Having trouble figuring out why my ss shakes at only at about 30- 60mph in the heat drives fine in good weather but if its really hot out it shakes violently my engine temp is running normal at 210 but does seem to get a little hot after longer drives to where you can feel it from outside the hood
  7. And what about the front axles are they different
  8. Hey man one more question are all the front drive shafts the same or which trucks have one that will match my truck
  9. Thats everything i needed to know thanks for the quick responses this is my first time trying out forums definitely pleased thanks if i could pay you for all this info i certainly would
  10. Awesome also my truck has been rolling while in park if its uphill but very slowly do use think it would be because my drive shaft isnt connected or would it be the transmission or hopefully just a brake problem?
  11. Thanks brother your the man also ive been driving in 2wd for a while from what ive read that i might have cooked my transfercase would you recommend a new transfer case or should the one i have be fine
  12. So I bought a 2003 ss and my front differential isn't currently working it needs a new casing I was wondering if a Escalades differential would match so I can just find one that's parting out as long as it's a gt5 since mine has 4:10 gears and if the transfer case would also be a match or would I have to find another ss being parted out
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