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  1. New to the Forum, Looking for 22” SS Replica Wheels, any color..Silver, Chrome or Black doesn’t matter willing to buy them outright for your asking price or trade and cash I have 24” Texas Edition Reps I’d be willing to heads up trade for the 22’s they are 24x9.5’s and tires are New just put on 8/9/19 tire size is 275/35R24’s 8 out of 10 condition no bends no cracks no repairs (just throwing that out there in case your interested) any info or leads would be appreciated
  2. They stole it from you but due to some loophole in the law your not allowed to investigate??? That’s dead I’d honestly go in after it myself if my truck was stolen and I had a good lead on its whereabouts
  3. Any luck on this 2WD conversion? I also just recently picked up an 03 AWD SS and it kills me that I can’t put a deep drop or bag it with that pesky AWD business going on in the front..plus I’m starting to get a grinding/whizzing sound when I come to a stop and I suspect it’s coming from the front diff so maybe being able to disengage it or completely do away with it would be a win win IF!! it’s at all possible
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