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  1. Do you have a tailgate cap?
  2. chevy_red_ss

    ISO SSS 03-05Tailgate Cap

    Hello all. Looking for a tailgate cap. Preferably victory red. Seems like they dont make em any more. Located in San Diego Ca. Thanks!
  3. chevy_red_ss

    Oem Silverado SS tailgate cap

    do you still have this?
  4. chevy_red_ss

    Traded in the SS

    My 03 has 31k miles. Still has the new car smell.
  5. chevy_red_ss

    ISO OEM 03-05 SSS Grille

    Hey guys! I'm ISO a oem Grille for 03-05 SSS. I've ordered 3 different ones from different sites based on the GM part number and the keep sebding me the classic 1500 grille. Apparently they dont know the ss came with the wider mesh. Thanks!
  6. chevy_red_ss

    03 Silverado SS Grille

    How's everyone doing? New to the site. I've been in search of a 03 ss grille and bumper grille for a while now. No luck. Anybody on here selling one? Thanks in advance!