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  1. When I met my now wife, she had a 03 ss that had 256k on it. She was not the original owner and did not know how many he owned before her. We’re from Minnesota so it was a little rusty but the thing ran like new. Never left her stranded, she took it on over night work trips to different states and really enjoyed the truck. She sold it in the mid 260’s to get a vehicle that got better economy. The truck had for sure been cared for and maintained. Earlier this summer I sold my 03 I picked up after always wanting one and being teased by driving hers. This one has just over 100k, despite its near mint appearance, It proved have had a rough life, I did not have the check book to get it back to totally reliability so I sold it. it sounds to me like yours could go on to live a life like the truck my wife had. These trucks go and go and go when maintained correctly
  2. Welcome to the site bob! I also have a black SS in MN
  3. I traded my roll pan for an oem bumper from a member on here from the east coast. I live in MN only cost about $160 to ship
  4. Looks nice! Where are you located? I have an 03 SS in Waconia, MN
  5. I’m Still interested in mirrors. ??
  6. I sent a text yesterday about the mirrors and have not heard back. 952 area code. Thanks!
  7. I wish you were closer. Looks great! I’m sure this will sell quick
  8. Yep, in the 15 years since this was posted he for sure still has it
  9. They have uploaded images now. She looks pretty mint! My 03 came from Illinois originally and I got it from Iowa, it has very very very little rust. Rare, but they’re out there!
  10. I’m always searching for these things just to see what pops up. If I had been a lot more picky and waited another year I’d be on my way. Maybe someone on here would be pumped up on this, seems like a steal to me! https://www.cargurus.com/Cars/share/265394953
  11. Sounds like a pretty good deal! Don’t forget about the builds section of the forum. welcome!
  12. What color is the truck?
  13. The people demand some pictures!
  14. Well look who paddled in on the negativity canoe! We’re actually super close to 1 million posts now and either way, if no one posted again this site is a gold mine of knowledge..
  15. When I try to adjust the temp, it doesn’t matter if I am adjusting up or down it will bounce around and get confused which way I am trying to go. A steady smooth roll to the right to heat it up will act like I am rolling it left and right randomly. Sorry did not mean to hijack your post! I also had a recent issue like this when my battery was very low and the backlights still worked but most of the gauges did not read at all. Charged it up and let the truck hibernate on a trickle charger now. I have had no issues since
  16. Do you rebuild the digital climate controls? My dials have a mind of their own. My non professional diagnostic would say they just need the connections cleaned but I’m not sure I want to take anything like this apart.
  17. Good luck! Never easy but someone will pop in with one eventually. Make sure you watch this thread closely and have the cash ready or someone will pop in and buy it from under you. Sorry about the theft attempt
  18. I had the bumper shipped to me, removed it from the box and installed it. The cover was not separated from the bumper, but it does feel very secure as it is. I’m by no means a mechanic so I definitely could have something just slightly off
  19. Welcome! Hopefully you can find what you’re looking for, always nice to know when they end up in caring hands.
  20. Hey guys, I recently installed an oem bumper to replace a roll pan. My truck stays in the garage for the winters so I haven’t been in a hurry to get the final part done. I need to get the bumper level and adjusted to line up correctly. Does anyone know of a write up or video that could help me get this dialed in? thanks!
  21. Are you trying to get your post count up? I’m confused
  22. F I think I have the same thing going on with mine now... thanks for a great database here guys.
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