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  1. I sometimes think mines getting up there with 110k... then I always see a post about one with a lot more miles, gives me faith that I have a good long term truck! Yours looks nice, I like the blues. Welcome!
  2. Hey all, just recently started having an issue. Truck doesn’t get driven much (if any) in the winter but I have been starting it two-three times a month and letting it warm up in the garage. A few nights ago I decided to take it to the store on a nice night. Started up initially pretty slow, felt like the battery had gotten a bit low so I took a long way to the store about 20 minutes or so to give the battery some time to charge, otherwise everything else was normal. 5 minutes after shutting it off about to head home it seemed to start on its last crank which was after just a second or two of ignition. This time the only gauges working were the tach and speedometer. Abs/ airbag/ CEL/ battery warnings were all on. I take the direct route home this time. When I got it back in the garage and shut it off the radio (kenwood double din) kept running so I had to manually shut it off. I let it sit on the slow charge overnight which brings us to where I’m at now. Everything still the same even with a full charge, the interior lights do not come on when I open the door or spin the dimmer all the way up, they do work when I push the button next to the lights on the ceiling. Dash/gauges are the same, radio is still manually off. This same thing seemed to be starting in the spring but I just put a new battery in and it was fine until recently. I’m no electronic expert, or even close so I am hoping someone may have a starting point. Like I said, this truck isn’t driven much in the winter so I have time to tinker with it. I’m hoping someone has a suggestion where to start or ideas what might be going on? A power drain somewhere? Can a low battery cause a limp mode that needs to be reset? thank you!
  3. Seems like it is pretty perfect lol. I’ve seen them with more miles go for more.
  4. How much? Is either set black? I can’t tell in the picture, either way I think I can pop off my black covers. Thanks!
  5. Are the mirrors good? thanks!!
  6. Tim713


    I got bored and already completed the 4high mod! So you have no complaints with the LED high? They’re very close in color? The hid doesn’t overpower the led? thanks!
  7. I just found these on amazon, they seem like a steal! Only issue is that amazon states they have been selling since 2012 and they have zero reviews. Worth the gamble? I’ll keep this thread open also in case someone wants to sell some oem’s!
  8. Tim713


    Hey guys. I’ve been thinking about installing HID’s into my stock light housing and I have a different question for you all. I have installed hids in truck prior and know what goes along with all of that. My one complaint was how long they take to warm up, if I got flashed especially is was hard because my highs took a few seconds to get to full brightness. I was thinking about trying hid for low beams and led for high beams. Have any of you ever tried this or looked into it? My main concern is if the hid would way out power the led, making the high beam much less functional. I have not yet, but will at the same time do the fuse box mod to make my highs and lows work at the same time, so they would be both on at the same time. thanks for the input!
  9. Hey all, ive owned my SS for 6 months or so now and have finally gotten most of the little imperfections and non oem parts that I did not like taken care of. So I am moving onto tweaking the more minor stuff. Both of my exterior mirrors are a little beat up, one has a Sheetrock screw through it to hold it tight and the other wiggles around while driving which is very annoying. Does anyone have any oem mirrors for sale or know where to get them? I’m assuming I can pop off my painted covers (black) so I would be interested in any colors. I can only find aftermarket ones online that do not have the puddle lights and I want to keep this as oem and full featured as possible. thanks!
  10. Hmmm I have these exact shocks. I wonder if I should freshen them up
  11. Wow. This will go fast!
  12. Tim713

    ABS light

    Sounds like an easy temporary fix but not so great long term. Any idea why my wheel bearings would be getting chewed up? I’m pretty easy on the truck.
  13. Tim713

    ABS light

    To get this started, I attempted a search for ‘ABS’ and ‘ABS light’ and was flooded with 400+ pages to search through. If someone has a link to better info, please post it here and I will apologize. My SSS is a weekend at best driver just to allow me access to my hobbies. I was driving to a friends cabin last weekend and noticed that when I would come to a slow and easy stop that during the last 5mph of the stop the brake pedal had the same feeling it would when the ABS was in use. (Dry pavement, very easy breaking, so definitely no ABS) yesterday I was headed to the driving range and all of a sudden the chime went off and my ABS light came on. I’ve done all the easy normal things; no blown ABS fuse, reservoir full of brake fluid, disconnected the battery for a few hours. Light is still on and I have no idea where to go from here. I should also mention I have been noticing small amounts of liquid under the engine area showing up on my garage floor. It does not look like oil, which is what made me think to check the brake fluid reservoir. Does anyone have any ideas? thank you!
  14. Nooo I missed another! Please post if you see another available! Thanks everyone
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