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  1. Well... I am not sure if I will keep them on the truck... I want to mount them and check the stance.
  2. Think you can get them into a USPS flat rate box? What are you looking to get for them?
  3. The more I look at the stance the more I wonder if I should just bring up the front by 1" instead of 2" by replacing the spindles. Thanks for the information on the spindles... good to know they are the same. Our upper/lower controll arms are different right? I have to visit the junk yard soon for a trans, so might grab spindles too.
  4. All, Need some Stock Front Spindles... might be willing to trade the drops if you want them.
  5. All, So, HPT was used to tune my truck, TC was taken out. The dash light has always indicated that traction control is off. I have the tuner's tune, and the stock tune on my laptop... took the torque management things from stock, overwrote to tuner's tune, save, HPTed to truck. Dash Light reports TC disabled, TC reports as ON in scanner, and the factory disable/enable proceedures followed and did not work. The tuner wants to see the truck (for a minor cost), but I am wondering if there might be a physical modification that is in the way. Has anyone heard of hotwiring the TC button? This would be similar to hacking the Trans wires to hold in gear for 1-2... Mike S.
  6. All, I am looking for a good OBD II era 4L80E that will be used for a 4L60E to 4L80E swap. My understanding is that the trans can come out of 2WD 2500s and Vans. I really care about case and gears as almost all components will be swapped and upgraded. Let me know please! Mike
  7. Greeting community! I've been a 06 Intimidator SS owner for a few months now and am in LOVE! Mostly I used to ride my Kawasaki C14 to work, but I am putting too many miles on the SSS. Currently the Intimidator is setup with a 70mm Single, upgraded #60 injectors, a HPT tune, and a RPM IV rebuilt 4L60E. In the near future (within a month), the whole turbo setup is getting refitted for 84mm CerBB single, larger intercooler, 1050cc injectors, dual 320 pumps, and the braided lines to back E85/Flex conversion. Also, the 4L60E will be dropped for a built 4L80E. I'll post pics before and after through a different build thread. I look forward to working with people here in the forum!
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