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  1. Nope. My best guess is that no one has attempted this particular swap. Still rollin with the calipers in the 11:00 position. Seems to stop just fine, might be a little tricky when I need to bleed the brakes next time.
  2. I have a 2004 Silverado SS AWD. Just swapped out the 10 Bolt Rear for a 14 bolt 9.5" 6-Lug out of a 2005 Vortec Max. The 14-Bolt replacement axle had drum brakes, so off with those and installed the backing plates/caliper brackets/disc and calipers from the 10 Bolt. Pretty easy swap! However the calipers went from being mounted in the 9:00 position to a 11:00 position. The emergency cable hangs a little lower than I like. What vehicles could I pirate the caliper brackets from to get back to the 9:00 position. Wanted to stay with factory parts. Thanks for your input in advance! Jeep-Rodder
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