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  1. Twinstick

    ISO: OEM rear bumper

    Still no pics or info on your roll pan? I have an OEM SS black rear bumper, cover etc. it’s never been removed, but I was thinking about a roll pan as long as it’s hidden hitch ready.
  2. Twinstick

    ISO: OEM rear bumper

    Got pics of your roll pan? Hideaway hitch compatible?
  3. Twinstick

    When do you consider your mileage to be too high?

    My Duramax with 240k is paid off and I kept it to save for when I need to tow. I bought the SS with 127k to daily since I only drive 3 miles to work. I took one of the GM master techs from work (I’m a service writer) to help me check it out fully before I decided on this one. If you’ve taken that good of care with it, you should expect many more miles of fun. I plan to keep mine and make it less of a daily driver (more of a Sunday cruiser) whenever I decide to buy newer single cab RWD. Ride it till the wheels fall off!
  4. Twinstick

    my new 33k miles arrival blue silverado ss

    For such low miles that’s some bad luck. Maybe sub-par workmanship on the aftermarket work? Shame. Good luck going forward!