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  1. @fool1990 The truck has 99000 volt coil packs, race Iridium plugs, 10.2mm race wires, cold air intake, race exhaust from the stock manifolds (no headers yet, because I can't decide if I want to twin turbo or supercharge it) the TBSS upgrade, larger throttle body, and larger injectors. The handheld I have doesn't seem to make much difference from the factory intake. With the factory intake I was running a 6200 redline and cracked the intake in multiple cases, which is why I did the TBSS upgrade. Which is why I was asking about the dyno tune. The entire drivetrain has new fluid with the exception of the transmission. the transfer case had some fine medal in the oil, and the front diff has a small leak. I've got 200k on it and I've put around 80k on it since I bought her. The rear main just started leaking as well, so I already have a Transmission kit to rebuild with, a upgraded rebuild kit for the transfer case. Now I'm trying to figure out if I should go ahead and do a refresh on the front and rear diffs.
  2. I'm new here, I had a few questions about the drivetrain. I have a whine / howl coming from under the truck. Without tearing down and no lift available I can only guess. I'm thinking that it's either the front diff or the transfer case. If that's the case what do you guys recommend for rebuilding with? Also, I'm from Nashville TN, would anyone have a guess as to who can dyno tune and AWD vehicle here?
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