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  1. Tdrob7368

    Extra cladding for sale!!

    Yes, I do have that piece available. Painted GM "8555" black and shipped for $150. If that works for you please call or text 763-213-6014 and we can figure out the details. Thank you
  2. Tdrob7368

    Extra cladding for sale!!

    I'm 99% sure I do. I'll check when I get home from work and let you know. Thanks
  3. Tdrob7368

    Extra cladding for sale!!

    Are you talking about the one for front fender? If so, yes I do have that piece with bracket. $60 on that piece and that includes shipping. Also will mention, if your truck is a color other than blue, I work at a body shop and could paint in your color for a little extra. Then it would be ready to mount when it arrives. Thank you.
  4. Tdrob7368

    Extra cladding for sale!!

    Sorry do not have drivers door cladding available.
  5. Tdrob7368

    Wanted... Driver Door Cladding

    Are you still in need of this?
  6. Tdrob7368

    Extra cladding for sale!!

    Not sure these messages are posting. $100 shipped. Or to make an offer Please call or text Terry @ 763-213-6014. Thanks
  7. Tdrob7368

    Extra cladding for sale!!

    Have some extra cladding for sale. mostly drivers side. Fender, rocker, cab corner and both box pieces. also have passenger fender cladding. rocker has been repaired, mounting bracket included. all other pieces are used in fair condition. Make offer per piece or on whole lot. They are arrival blue in color.