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  1. SixxOh

    Ope from Iowa!

    Damn, man! Just sold most of my goodies! Was a Gen V 2.8 car on E85. Super fun car!
  2. SixxOh

    Ope from Iowa!

    Where abouts ya from, sir? I'm up in the Northwest corner. And couldn't help notice the GTP in your name! 3800 w-body? I just parted out my '02 w-body Monte Carlo, have a lot of love for that platform! 🙂
  3. SixxOh

    Ope from Iowa!

    Hello, everyone! Bought my dream truck a few months ago. 2004 Silverado SS (red), I'm the 3rd owner. Bought it with 124k miles for $8,500. Have yet to see any others in my area, hoping to find some on this site! Couple minor issues I was hoping to get some insight on: 1) Both heated seats come on for a second, then turn right back off. 2) Lot of drivetrain feedback coming from rear speakers. Thanks, and looking forward to learning more about my SSS! 😊