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  1. I had the same Issue a while back! LMC and a few other places have the a ready to paint 1500 grille. I ended up finding one an original one on c-list. I’ll be on the look out.
  2. Thanks for the heads up thing1. I just picked one up from Austin Tx.
  3. I’m most appreciative from all the help in this forum! Thanks to you guys I was able to get in contact with the guy who posted the SS grille in Austin. Thanks again fellas!
  4. Sup fastbrick? Looking to get info on where I can pick up a 04 ss Silverado grille. Any help would be greatly appreciative. 

  5. Sup fellas? Work has kept me from replying. Thanks to everyone and the welcomes! I ordered the LMC SS front grille part number 39-4175 but it’s not the SS front grille. It’s just a paintable regular 1500 grille. I’m in the process of sending it back. Is there a part number or web site I can look at?
  6. I just bought my first SS Silverado. Only thing missing was the front grille. Any one know where I can find one. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 2004 Black SS.
  7. Check out: https://mcallen.craigslist.org/pts/d/chevy-silverado-super-sport/6729550534.html
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