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  1. Would you or someone mind getting some measurments? Across rotor to outter edge of the caliper, or from outter edge or rotor to outter edge of caliper. I likely should have grabbed brakes first but needed to get safety to get newer truck on the road. Maybe I can find a trade for 20” wheels for my new setup.
  2. has anyone fit wheels smaller then 20”? Just purchase new rims and tires. This may not have been the best choice on my part. I have new front calipers on order this whole set may end up back in classifieds if 20” wheels is the only option.......
  3. Glad I found this. I’m in need of rear brackets please if this is still open please include me.
  4. Thank you. Bit new here been a lerker for some time. Still getting to know my way around. I think I’d better grab the laptop mobile isn’t my favourite way to navigate. I should do a build thread for my Sierra. It will become an SS. Thanks again I’ll get some more reading done.
  5. Hey happy I found this. Looking for the fronts myself sent you a PM. Ill have to find the part number for rotors if someone has it please send direct or list it here for me. Thanks
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