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  1. how I want to roll in my ss one day.. photoshop isn’t good what’s so ever lol
  2. Draztik_SS


    Sup fellas finally got an ss I’ve been wanting foud it at some random house looked like it was parked for awhile so I knocked the door and asked the guy if he would sell it and he said no? so I kept on asking him every month that I want to bring the ss back to life kept saying no. Didn’t give up till he finally said ok give me $4500 didn’t bother givin him the money the exterior needs work but the interior looks clean like new needed a fuel pump of course door cladding wheels and a tranny with 160k miles 2004 sss awd bought a tranny fuel pump and replaced everything spark plu
  3. Thanks man it’s started to knock frm the front tranfercase every time I give it gas never had an awd in my life so idk what’s going on. Th buddy I bought it frm had to swap another once I he sold it to me it was parked guy didn’t care abt it anymore parked it for years needs a lot of work but the reason y I wanna do a 2wd is bcus I want to bag the truck soon
  4. Sup everyone Newbie here finally got an ss but it’s awd dnt mind it but it’s been going out a few times already just wondering if anyone has done a 2wd conversation and if anyone has a door cladding for sale need one bad
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