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  1. thr3sh3r

    New here with a '05 SSS AWD

    for the bearing whine, i’m hoping i don’t hear it but does it occur when you are on the gas? or should it be heard regardless when in motion?
  2. thr3sh3r

    New here with a '05 SSS AWD

    thanks, and iv been looking around but it’s more just simple bolt on’s. i don’t know what to look for as like fuel injectors rocker arms etc. i want to do a dunk run with it stock then add a new air intake, camshaft and jba headers then tune.
  3. thr3sh3r

    looking for ss dash insert

    it’s the ss dash piece. there’s only one on ebay and it’s going for $250
  4. thr3sh3r

    New here with a '05 SSS AWD

    Hey everyone, I'm new here but iv had my Silverado ss for about a year and a half now. got it with 112k but had a lot of maintenance work done to it so it should be good to go to start adding some power. What are some common bang for your buck parts I can look at getting? And some common or rare issues I should look for? thanks in advance!
  5. thr3sh3r

    looking for ss dash insert

    Iam currently looking for a SS dash insert for my ss. The previous owner must have taken it before selling it so now i have this ugly hole of where that piece should. Does anyone know or have one i can buy? I’ve searched ebay, craigslist, offerup and even tried gmpartsdirect (discontinued of course) so any feed back would be awesome thank you!