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  1. Thank you. After posting this I did more research and that is what I came up with too. Pulling the axles. Work is not done yet. I will look into those shields, I appreciate the response. What about the parking brake components. I should probably replace all of that too. There are several kits for those as well. Any clue on that?
  2. I recently picked up an 03 SS. I thought I was just going to be doing rear pads and rotors but boy this thing is rusty. I need to do everything to the brake shields. I've been using rock auto for parts for various cars for some time. I can't figure out what shoes, shoe hardware kit and shields to buy. There are a lot of options and it is not just brand differences. HD, non HD etc... I've got a 2003 Silverado SS with brake caliper code JC4, but that is really all I've figured out. Dual piston calipers... Can anyone help me figure out what to purchase? Thank you Roger
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