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  1. That's what I ended up doing. The throttle body has a 6 pin flat connector and xlink has 6 pin square. From what I can tell I can just replace the connector on the xlink to the flat connector. They both have the same signals I believe.
  2. So far so good. Its running with a base, "break-in" tune with stock LQ9 injectors & throttle body using adapter plate. The specs from Blueprint engines for injectors and TB that were used on the dyno for this engine show 87mm LT5 DBW Throttle Body 42# injectors and returnless fuel rail When I bring the truck to the tuner with awd dyno (after 500 mile breakin), I'm going to swap injectors & throttle body to match what they used on factory dyno. The injectors are easy enough to get. The throttle body has me a bit confused. Is there a gen 3 t body in 87mm or larger? I can get a 4 bolt but it has 6 wires and not 8 like I have now.
  3. Don't get a Jet tuner unless you already know what your doing. The support sucks. HP tuners seems to have a very large following with lots of examples and walkthroughs. I have a Jet tuner and it's so 90's. Even though it has usb it isn't user friendly. I will now buy the same as my tuner so I can load tunes emailed to me.
  4. Yes I still have the 4L65E. It's been rebuilt and I know that's my weakest link. I told the guy to make it handle more abuse but I just made the decision few weeks ago to get this engine. If I would have shown him what I'm putting in there, things probably would have went differently. I really really would rather have a T56 AWD. I'll look into that after I break the one I have. I still need to replace the converter though to help maximize the added pleasure. I should just start a build thread about it. I have much work to do. The parts pile I have collected is getting large. I drive it daily when the weather doesn't permit playing with my other toys. I'll probably replace the exhaust this weekend then wait until the weather gets better to allow the unforseen down time swapping the engine.
  5. Find a new transmission guy. I had mine rebuilt last year for the same 04 SS and I beat my truck pretty good. I told my trans guy it needed to handle 700hp. I was planning ahead for when I replace the 6.0 with LS3 427 stroker.
  6. Hi everyone. I have a 2004 Silverado SS. It's pretty much stock, except for the trans and suspension. I've been preparing it for some torque. Yesterday I placed an order for a BluePrint Engines Pro Series Chevy LS 427 Stroker PSLS4271CT. They recommend a converter with 2200+ stall. I'm not sure what diameter I should go with. Has anyone in here had experience with anything similar like what I'm doing?
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    That's very ugly.
  8. Has anyone in here been successful with swapping out their 4L60E with a 6 speed manual? I have an 04 and I with I had gears to shift I would like to hear about the pro's & cons of your journey and things you realized you would have done differently. My trans is slipping between 2nd & 3rd and 3rd & 4th when I'm heavy on the pedal . I haven't checked line pressure or even pulled the pan yet but I'm just kicking around the idea of manual trans in the event I need to pull the trans out for repair. Thanks.
  9. Ok pre introduction before I introduce myself lol. I've had an 04 for a couple years now. I almost fell for an LTZ for almost twice the $$.. glad I didn't because I love this truck. I was pretty much sold on the AWD and how quick the damn thing is while being discrete. I'm north of Chicago in Antioch. I have 128,000 on mine. How many does yours have?
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