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  1. shannonsautofab

    Front Strut Bar

    the strut bar is made oh scheduel 40 steel. 1” inside diameter. You can build roll cages from this materiel. It does stiffen the the front up a little. As does every strut bar. But the look. Its a saught after look.
  2. shannonsautofab

    Front Strut Bar

    it clear the headers. The tricky part of the design was on the driverside. The steering shaft and brake lines. I used these threadable rivits on the firewall. The metal is scheduel 40 same materiel used to make roll cages.
  3. shannonsautofab

    Front Strut Bar

    scheduel 40 1” pipe. Its installed on top of the shock mounts. Threadable rivets in the firewall
  4. shannonsautofab

    strut bar

  5. shannonsautofab

    Front Strut Bar

    I design and manufacture these strut bars. You can definitely feel a difference. check out my gallery. Shannon's Automotive Fabrication [email protected]