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  1. I know it seems childish but could anyone give me a rough estimate of my hp at the crank? Im at least 4 hours from a dyno or track, so that's not something I'm interested in or plan on doing. 2006 Silverado ss, Radix with 3.0 pulley (8 psi max), afe cold air intake, FIC 80lb injectors, American racing long tubes, high flow cats, cutouts/ flowmaster 40s, Msd wires, Tick stage 1 blower cam 223/235 | .615"/.605" | LSA116+5, tuned remotely by Nelson performance via HPTuners
  2. I've been trying to get ahold of Nelson performance down in Texas for over a month now with no luck. I've sent 3 emails and called two different times with it saying the mailbox is full. Anyone know if something happend or he shut down? Allen did the tuning for when I did my cam swap via HPTuners. Living in a tiny nowhere town in Canada this worked great and he was great to deal with. Now I have a pulley and injectors collecting dust that I can't install untill I get a retune. Any ideas?
  3. I had asked a similar question about a year ago, I'm just looking for someone to convince me to do it or not. Ordered my cam kit today, Tick stage 1 blower cam along with a bronze trunion upgrade. Planning on getting the tune done by Nelson Performance. Since I'm in Canada and everything's super expensive ide like to get the tune done just once. Want to also go from a 3.2 to a 3.0 pulley on the Maggie. I'm just terrified of hurting the motor with 200,000 km on it. Am I overthinking this? Motor runs great, doesn't use oil, great oil pressure. Of course I want as much power as possible but I'm more than happy with a safe tune. Opinions?
  4. Thanks for the info guys, guna try pricing out some tuning places.
  5. Thinking about changing my pulley from a 3.2 to a 3.0. Will I have to get retuned? Living in rural Manitoba Canada makes it very difficult. Guy I bought the truck from said it was tuned at a performance shop before he bought it. The hand held tuner isn't with the truck. Has 202,000 km on it and is a weekend cruiser and sometimes daily driver. Has Kooks long tubes, high flow cats, airaid intake, msd wires, built trans. Don't have a boost gauge on the truck right now. Really cant afford to take the risk of hurting the motor.
  6. Haha yes, I've got other vehicles for the snow and mud. On the trans receipt it says stage 2 trans, corvette servos, high heat frictions, bands. It's still on warranty. I'm assuming from a local shop, no name brand on it. I figure worst case scenario I don't buy it, I'll still get to test drive the hell outa my dream truck.
  7. Well, he's lowered the price to 11,000$. And I've seen the receipt for a 3200$ trans that was put in less then a year ago. Guna go check it out on Friday. Fingers crossed it's as good as it seems!
  8. I'm new to the site, from Canada. I've had a 03 silverado ss for about 5 years. It's always been a love hate relationship. Last summer it spun a main bearing at about 230,000 km. A 2006 silverado ss has come up for sale about 8 hours away from me. 195,000 km, magnuson supercharger has been on it for 15,000 km, built trans. Hes asking 13,500$ which I thought was super reasonable seeing as I paid 12 grand for mine with 145,000 km stock. Just wondering what specifically I should look and listen for when I go to look at it. Other then the obvious things. Any info is appreciated
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