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  1. My old shaft is stripped cant find any on the internet. number 43 on this diagram. Please give me a message if you got one that is in good condition
  2. Declan

    Awd to 2wd

    Searched for a while but couldnt find exactly what I was looking for. From what I understand the awd have a 10 bolt rear and the 2wd have a 14 bolt. Will a regular 2wd driveshaft out of an 03 extended cab Silverado work? Also do I need any sort of transmission crossmember?
  3. Backstory on my truck Sometime in October of 2017 i was lucky enough to find a pretty much brand new 2003 blue AWD silverado ss I was only 16 and my parents wanted to buy me a brand new truck but i insisted that the only truck i wanted was the blue silverado ss. long story short they said if i could find a low miles one i could get it and so i did. I had it shipped all the way from New Jersey to Louisiana and it ran perfectly, it had a small cam and a stage 5 or 6 transmission from finish-line transmissions. About 300miles later my transmission went out out of nowhere and at the time i did not know it was built so i purchased a brand new 4l65e from GM and it went out in 20miles or so, this was a big ordeal but to sum it all up, they fixed the stock transmission but wouldn't refund any money on it. I then got my old core rebuild by finish-line and give or take another 500miles my oil pressure dropped to 0 and destroyed everything in the cammed motor. Fast forward a little bit and i now have everything lined out (I hope) i got a brand new crate motor and everything seems to be working properly now But overall the body is a 10/10 and the interior. No visible scratches anywhere, even in the bed. Also surprisingly the undercarriage looks all new, which is surprising since it came from New Jersey. No rust at all
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