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  2. Hello All, I bought a 2003 Arrival Blue SS last week. I'm loving this truck and totally found it by accident. I just sold my 1985 GMC S-15, will be giving my son my 2003 LTZ Trailblazer and needed something to replace the Trailblazer. I was looking at the Toyota Tundra's but after I stumbled on this SS at a dealership in Manassas VA and test drove it, the rest is history. I feel like I have the best of ALL worlds with this truck... Speed, Utility and some luxury. I wanted a TBSS in the past but I really do need the truck more than an SUV. I look forward to learning more about this amazing truck and all the mods that have been done by other members on this site. Keep on Truckin folks! Reggie PS- I had pics to post but they are too big until figure out how to shrink them.
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