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  1. I have a 2003 Silverado ss awd 240k and needs rust repair on bed sides and rockers and cab corners black runs good looking to sell asking $4500 let me know if anyone is interested
  2. paid $4500 for it I thought that was not bad always loved these trucks ever since the first time I ever seen one when they first came out I had an avalanche for the last 5 years just sold it and found this truck not looking for it but thought it was still a good deal for the price I also have a escalade but would sell both of them for a escalade ext I really liked the avalanche my daughter has already said she don`t like the Silverado ss cause she don`t have her own door
  3. just purchased mine 2 weeks ago has 244k runs good have not had time to go over it and then get it on the road needs some work going to go over the whole truck
  4. parting out a 2001 gmc denali AWD are the cv axle shafts the same I will try to research
  5. just purchased a black 2003 Silverado ss it has higher miles and some rust but runs and drives great and is all stock just trying to see some ideas what you guys think the truck is worth with 244k and some rust issues but runs and drives great all there and all stock give me your ideas the truck was an impulse buy but like it I have an escalade with the 6.0 awd
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