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  1. Rholston

    My Build Thread

    Welcome back. You still habe your truck?
  2. B & B exhaust. Also known as Billy Boat. It sounds great to me. If you're looking for loud, this isn't for you. It's loud enough that you will be heard but its not obnoxious. On wot, you will be heard pretty clearly by everyone. I'll try to do a sound clip soon
  3. Yes, gas mileage went back up to normal, and low end feels better. The cats are from Kooks. It's the y pipe set with high flow cats for their headers. Did the B&B cat back exhaust for the back half. Everything is stainless except for the tips, the bands, and the bolts.
  4. Had a similar problem a while back. Had a sound of like a pebble in the exhaust or something. A week later my cel came on and my gas mileage went to crap. Scanned it and it said bank 1 lean. Forgot what the code was. Ran it like that for a few months. Just did a complete exhaust including cats and my cel went away.
  5. Did you find out what the problem is?
  6. I did my drivers side with the ones from the seat shop. Was actually pretty easy. Looks great. Probably going to do both front seats, bottoms, backs, and arm rest. I have pics linked to my profile.
  7. Got my blue ones from amazon. Was a complete interior kit for like 15 bucks. For the lights on the door, i enlarged the hole slightly so the bulb fits in.
  8. I hauled 1600 lbs of concrete back to home depot. Bottomed out a bit but didnt seem to struggle to get moving
  9. Thats actually really impressive to round it out like that and scary at the same time
  10. Thats horrible. Owner doesnt seem to respect it at all.
  11. OP hasnt been active since they posted this.
  12. havent had any reason to post anything really. Just been reading what other people been talking about. Only thing i've done with the truck really is the leather on the drivers side base.
  13. Im considering it. Already got the pics from you. Was gonna do the blue led conversion but yours is already done. If you still have it when i get my return, ill pm you
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