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  1. Rholston

    LED Interior

    Got my blue ones from amazon. Was a complete interior kit for like 15 bucks. For the lights on the door, i enlarged the hole slightly so the bulb fits in.
  2. Rholston

    What did you do to your SS today?

    I hauled 1600 lbs of concrete back to home depot. Bottomed out a bit but didnt seem to struggle to get moving
  3. Thats actually really impressive to round it out like that and scary at the same time
  4. Rholston

    Lmao check this out

    Thats horrible. Owner doesnt seem to respect it at all.
  5. Rholston

    LSA Supcharger!

    OP hasnt been active since they posted this.
  6. Rholston

    What did you do to your SS today?

    Drove it to work
  7. Rholston

    Silverado SS

  8. Rholston

    Man this place is dead!

    havent had any reason to post anything really. Just been reading what other people been talking about. Only thing i've done with the truck really is the leather on the drivers side base.
  9. Rholston

    Gauge cluster for sale.

    Im considering it. Already got the pics from you. Was gonna do the blue led conversion but yours is already done. If you still have it when i get my return, ill pm you
  10. Rholston

    Welcome to Radio & Sound!

    Just looked at mine to see what i could do. Stock sounds like crap. Was looking to swap in a sundown audio 6.5. I think the magnet is a bit big to fit though. Also i think i would have to make a mounting plate to get it to mount.
  11. Rholston

    Who's bad ass SS is this?

    I would say that you cant haul stuff in a vette but i seen a guy with a new z06 at home depot once loading cases of tile in it. Kinda was offended at the useage of the vehicle. If you caan afford the vette you can afford the 20 bucks to rent one of their trucks
  12. Rholston

    Rear Seat Fold Down Trick!!

    Not for this body style at least
  13. I seem to have something similar when i go from reverse to drive. It feels like there's slop/play in the u-joint or something.
  14. Wow that's like cracking your beer open but it's actually filled with water
  15. Rholston

    New Plates For The SS

    Thats jacked up