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  1. 2003 Silverado SS: $14,000 OBO https://ebayvehicle.com/app/yCjNEvmk6mAALng39 I added a link to the Ebay listing so you can see the pictures, it wont let me upload them here for some reason and truck does not have to be purchased through Ebay. Located in Gaffney South Carolina clean dependable truck. 150,000 original miles. Truck has not been heavily modified and no mechanical issues as I drive it daily. Has some paint fading on the hood, roof and passenger side door but that's to be expected of a 17 year old truck. Oil pressure sensor is bad so oil pressure gauge fluctuates. Full leather interior, heated seats, kenwood touch screen radio. Has a viper remote start and security system, kooks custom headers and mid pipes into true dual exhaust into a magnaflow muffler to give a nice deep exhaust note without being too loud to drive daily. Was also street tuned by hawks motorsports who installed the exhaust so no error codes or lights are thrown as a result. Transfer case and carrier bearings in both differentials were replaced within the last year. Price is or best reasonable offer and miles will increase as I drive it daily.
  2. Yeah, it's the t case, I already had the front diff rebuilt, fluid looks good in it, I changed it as soon as I bought the truck. Coincidentally my truck has about 125k on it as well
  3. No I'm actually still driving it lol, its started whining and is progressively getting louder. I took it to the shop and let them look at it and he said itd cost more parts and labor to rebuild it than it would to just replace it. I've never had anything awd, I came from f bodies so I know very little about these things. Honestly the cost isnt my biggest concern, I just want to get it right and have something that can handle some more power Also any links you guys can find on rebuild kits or parts to beef it up would be great.
  4. Well I'm in a position where I have to pay someone to do it either way, so is the factory transfer case just the best way to go? Also mine is an 03, I've seen np149 and nvg149, does it matter which one I get?
  5. So I need to replace my transfer case. I was td itd cost more to have it rebuilt than to just buy a new one and swap them out. What transfer case do I need and are there any out there that are stronger than what came in it from the factory? Right now I only have a cai and full exhaust but plan on adding more later down the road. Heads, cam and either nitrous or pro charger. Thanks in advance.
  6. Well I was planning to get a 228r 112lsa cam with a set of precision engineering stage 1 heads. They sell both of those as a head cam package from Texas speed. And I was looking at the yank ss series converter. Just not sure on what stall speed to go with, I was thinking 2800 or 3200 just not sure what would be best
  7. What transmission came in an 03 Silverado ss from the factory? I've heard 4l60e and 4l65e and don't know which is true? Planning on buying one from finish line here in the future and want to make sure I get the correct one for a direct replacement
  8. About the most I ever two is a small trailer with a lawn mower, mulch, stuff like that. And that's about once or twice a year for my grandpa
  9. So this then? https://www.amazon.com/Tru-Cool-LPD47391-Pressure-Transmission-Cooler/dp/B0060NKA1U/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1527825042&sr=8-1&pi=AC_SX160_SY231_FMwebp_QL65&keywords=tru+cool+40k Also how was the fitment? How much modification is needed to make this work?
  10. You have a part number for which one I need to get?
  11. Well right now it just has the headers and mid pipes, planning on heads and cam after I get the transmission lines out. What kind of stall do you think would be best for those mods? Also who to go to when I plan on getting it as well as the trans cooker. I'm not familiar with many places that make stuff for these trucks so any recommendations on where to buy would help greatly.
  12. Havent been able to run it with the headers installed due to the weather around here. Tracks havent been open because of the constant rain. Also havent had ot tuned yet. Going Tuesday for the tune and will hopefully get to go to the track the following Thursday weather permitting
  13. So I'm starting to save towards one of FLT's level 5 4l65e's and was wondering what you guys think would be a good converter to go along with it. Thinking of a 2800 or 3k stall, just not sure who makes good ones for these trucks. Thanks in advance
  14. How is it for daily driving? And what heads pair up well with it?
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