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  1. Very nice looking build, you're putting a lot of work into it and it's paying off. I'm also getting some rust around the fenders, getting that "fixed" this summer.
  2. Any reason you're trading the hood? I was looking into getting one for my SS
  3. Welcome back, I guess....Congrats on the new (2nd) SS. I just recently purchased one as well. The roads in MI are bad, just about as bad as in Ontario here. But we get a little better weather I think.
  4. Thanks for the welcomes everybody. I am going to be checking up on the maintenance this week. Its at 330,00 k's btw, which for you guys would be a little over 205,00. So far, I'm loving it though.
  5. Hey everybody, from up here in Canada. Just bought a 2003 SS and it's my 1st truck. I get it on Halloween. Any ideas on what to do 1st with my new truck?
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