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  1. Just swapped this on mine.. Would def like the honeycomb lower and brake ducts
  2. If the 261 is the one with the floor shift, then yeah that would work. It's the ones with the electronic shifting you want to stay away from
  3. By front axle, I'm assuming you mean the CV joint. If that's the case, yes, you can still drive with a broken axle(wouldn't recommend that) The transfer case is chain driven off the input shaft from the transmission, through a chain and out to the front through a viscous coupling (hence why you never want to drive or dyno with the front driveshaft out. I actually smoked my output shaft on my transfer case this summer (that clunk everyone said was chain slap, was not..lol) The transfer case in our trucks(AWD) are full time AWD, and doesn't act the same as a normal 4x4 case
  4. They will roll, you have to chock the rear wheels. Mine seems to always roll if parked on an incline and the front wheels are off the ground. You would think the transmission being in park would prevent this
  5. You'll have to get a manual shift transfer case, and make some custom brackets to switch from 4x4 to 2wd.
  6. I was going to make my own as my trans is out now for a rebuild, But that Glen's kit is about what I'd spend doing it myself, so I'll go that route. Yeah with FB, it seems the days of pages like this are in the past unfortunately
  7. Found the crack on the passenger tube, swapped it out with a front diff from a denali..Back on the road
  8. So my nightmare summer with my truck continues, after going through a transfer case, new brakes all the way around, new rear drive shaft, new suspension..And multiple tows home.. I lost the front U joints on my front driveshaft and consequentially bent the drive shaft and broke the header..New driveshaft made and installed and drive it to check it out.. Everything is fine, get it back home and shut it off.. then suddenly the front differential starts pissing fluid on the ground ?.. Haven't looked at it since, but I'm guessing there's a hairline crack that expands when it gets warm and leaks fluid. What front diffs swap over? I know I'll need to switch the gear set to a 4.10, but hoping I can go to the yard and pull a diff from another silverado/sierra/escalade etc. Any help is appreciated.
  9. Have you used a meter to see if there's voltage present on the points on the board?
  10. Check the bulb for correct orientation.. led's will only work one way
  11. 3/5 on coilovers still ok for a DD Awd?
  12. Well you can do a cam swap, but I would suggest doing the trunion upgrade on your rockers while your at it... Speed engineering has great headers for cheap.. Plan on getting a converter if you cam it though.
  13. I converted all my interior lights with LED's from Autozone, I believe they were Phillips brand.. Love the light output vs the halogen lights
  14. speed engineering makes an xpipe kit that's easy on the wallet
  15. I was around back in 08 (Still can't find my old account though) and this place was killer for mods and info.. I hate fb, but it seems that;s the way the car/truck community is going towards.. still like all the old how to's etc. om here.
  16. do it yourself and save $$$
  17. Anyone got any pics of these on an SS? They look siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkk
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