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  1. Have you used a meter to see if there's voltage present on the points on the board?
  2. Check the bulb for correct orientation.. led's will only work one way
  3. 3/5 on coilovers still ok for a DD Awd?
  4. Well you can do a cam swap, but I would suggest doing the trunion upgrade on your rockers while your at it... Speed engineering has great headers for cheap.. Plan on getting a converter if you cam it though.
  5. I converted all my interior lights with LED's from Autozone, I believe they were Phillips brand.. Love the light output vs the halogen lights
  6. speed engineering makes an xpipe kit that's easy on the wallet
  7. I was around back in 08 (Still can't find my old account though) and this place was killer for mods and info.. I hate fb, but it seems that;s the way the car/truck community is going towards.. still like all the old how to's etc. om here.
  8. do it yourself and save $$$
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