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  1. 2 years after the fact... I guess someone replaced my trucks cats with a 2-1 Y pipe. I know because I ordered a magnaflow cat back, with the 2-muffler fitting and it won't work with what's there. Now I've got to get a replacement mid-pipe, and might as well do headers at the same time. Looking at dynatech 715-84110 and 715-84230 (headers and mid-pipe, respectively). Anything I should know about this setup before I throw $1200 at it?
  2. Hi y'all! I've lived on this site in my free time absorbing all the info I could. And ran a search with little avail as to maintenance of these trucks/what to look for as my truck has 200k miles. As of today, 6 days after purchase, I've ordered CAI and cat back, plugs, Taylor 409s, FPR, fuel filter, and a few little odds and ends the truck has lost over the years (like tailgate bumpers). I have no plans of going wild with it, and this has been a dream truck for some years. I only drive in poor weather and below freezing (on two wheels most of the time). To the tune of 8-12,000 a year max. But I want to ensure this truck lasts forever. The previous owner kept the oil change and recently had the transfer case rebuilt, but he was not so mechanically inclined. So I think some things may have been missed/neglected. Any insight from y'all? 2003 AWD SS (btw)
  3. Hey y'all. Just swapped my 2004.5 VW GLI for a clean AWD SS this week. I'm usually on 2 wheels, but needed a truck. I can never leave anything alone, so here I am!
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