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  1. Hey everyone and happy late Turkey Day. I've been having an issue with my 03 SSS, wondering if anyone can help. I took a video but can't upload it. Anyways, the issue is a grinding/growling noise between 55 and 70 ish, coming from up front. Brand new hubs on both front wheels, engine is fine too. Any input would be great, besides "Google it". If it helps, the truck is at 202xxx on the odo. Thanks
  2. That being said, would up pipes from a dirtymax work as long as there's a y-pipe on the end to attach it to the turbo?
  3. Sweet, I'll check them out. The manifolds themselves aren't a huge deal, I'm not opposed to getting some stock manifolds and welding on a flange, mainly worried about the up pipe itself. Don't feel like needing to finagle it around a bunch of crap if I don't need to. I'll still check out the manifolds though. Just trying to be a bit cheap haha
  4. Hey y'all! I'm currently working on a turbo build and hung up on a few items. Mainly the up-pipe from the manifolds. Does anyone know if those are something I can buy online or something I would have to fab myself? Sorry to post what might be a dumb question, but I'm stuck on a boat and the internet is a**. Thanks!
  5. Hey yall! I'm hoping someone can point me in the direction of a good Machine Shop in the Hampton roads area to get my heads ported and polished at. Also looking for a good tuner in the area seeing as I'll be throwing some stuff in for more power as well (not Virginia speed, heard too many bad things about them). Before I get the "look it up" post, I've looked and a lot of posts regarding it are old, looking for some up to date info on it. Thanks yall!
  6. Update to it, managed to get 2 of the codes fixed. The codes remaining are: P0120 P1518 P2135
  7. Hey everyone! So first and foremost, merry Christmas and happy new years and all that jazz. Onto the part I need some help with: So i took off my Throttle body to clean it since I was having idle issues, and read that cleaning it usually fixes the issue. Sure enough, took off the throttle body, and it was dirty as hell. Cleaned it up, through it back on after it dried, and started the truck up. Now it won't go past 2k rpms, and I've got 5 DTCs related to preformance being thrown at me: P0120 TP System Performance P0220 APP Sensor 2 circuit P1516 Throttle Acctuator Control Module Throttle Actuator Position Performance P1518 Electronic Throttle Module to PCM Comm P2135 TPS Sensor Voltage Correlation Can anyone help me decipher some of this into words I can understand? Or help me out on how to fix the issue without bringing it to a mechanic and paying an obnoxious amount of money to fix them? Thanks!
  8. Hi everyone! I've got an 03 SS (in black, so it's fast or something) and im hoping to get some advice on who to go with for swaybars, both front and back. Looking to stay under 500 for the pair of them. Thanks!
  9. MrPvo

    New to me 03 SS

    Mainly over flat roads, and mostly through slower turns, although I do get a bit childish and gun it through bigger turns (like traffic lights). I'll try to restrain myself from it and see if it does it during those kind of turns.
  10. MrPvo

    New to me 03 SS

    Thanks yall! It's usually in a parking lot kind of turning, just a constant squeaking , and turns out, it annoys the hell out of me. If I can on this site (still new here, gotta figure stuff out) I'll try to post a video when I get out of work. Also, a better description would be that it increases the more the wheels are turning. I don't have any when I'm not moving, only once I start going. Once again thanks!
  11. How well did the belltech work? I saw some and I'm considering getting front and rear, but i can't seem to see any reviews
  12. Hi everyone! Just got myself an 03 SS, and need to replace the rear wheel bearings, but can't seem to find the size for it, and AutoZone has got about 9 different sized bearings. I'm hoping someone on here has the sizes and is willing to share. Thanks!
  13. Pretty happy, managed to score my buddies 03 SS off of him for 5 grand. Sitting at just shy of 200k (which is a bit high), and honestly new to having a truck again. Has anyone else had squeaking noises from when they turn?
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