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  1. I always wondered what was wrong with my ninja skills...been doing the JUDY Chop all wrong!!!
  2. I have been looking at the Torza Top made by Advantage Truck Accessories and was wondering if anyone has any experience with this cover. The idea and design look good but not sure how well of a fit and seal this thing will have. If anyone has any experience with this any input would be appreciated.
  3. I love the truck so far. I am getting the cilajet treatment put on it this morning. This thing rides just as good as my wife's 08 Suburban.
  4. I sold the SSS a long time ago...about three trucks ago. I had to save some cash on payments and gas once I got married with an instant family (3 step kids). I am not sure what I will be doing to this truck. Definitely a tonneau cover is in store. I would like to replace the stock muffler and maybe a cold air intake. Unfortunatley don't have the funds right now to do much. The only reason I got the truck is b/c my company enrolled us all in a car program where they give us an allowance for a car payment but we have to drive our vehicles for business use....otherwise I would not have been able to get this one.
  5. Finally got a new truck yesterday...2011 Silverado LT Crew Cab Still miss my SSS...
  6. I am getting ready to pick up my 2011 Silverado from the dealer today, and I asked them about the headliner color being tan. The guy told me that they (GM) think that a dark headliner makes the vehicle feel clastrophobic...not sure if that is legit or not.
  7. 03SS i know this probably does not go here but thought I would share with everyone. I stopped by after hours to look at it and be reminded of what I used to have.
  8. Going to class...WOW that is a thing of the past. Enjoy your time b/c it does not last long. Hell, I got 11 years on you youngster
  9. Thanks a lot guys! Sucks getting older but it is inevitable...and the gray hair is appearing as a daily reminder
  10. Shiner Bock is awesome. I too tried it on a recommendation and really enjoyed it. It is not as heavy as Michelob Amberbock.
  11. I had one side repaired under warranty twice and the same door went out again...with no warranty. When the door went out this last time it was locked shut and it was on the side that kids have to get out on to enter school. I could not even open the stupid thing manually. That pissed her off enough to sway her thinking to my side!
  12. It took me a while to convince her. After spending more money on the stupid automatic doors she was sold. Good luck with trying to convince your wife!
  13. Got rid of the POS Dodge Caravan for this 08 Suburban. I have 5 kids so a small bus / large SUV is needed I will put some pics up later. I love this Suburban. It is one nice ride. LT with sunroof, dvd but no leather 55K miles. Now just have to teach my wife how to drive it.
  14. F - that. More power to those guys but you would not catch my ass up there. I would guarantee you I would put a "incoming" on the crew below.
  15. Finally got the LED Tails installed. They are the black style from Anzo. Very easy installation and nice fit. I also replaced the third brake with a Putco smoked LED. I don't have any good night pics right now but here is what I got
  16. Damn nice looking Avalanche. Lowered a bit will set it over the top. Good work.
  17. Someone please kick her in the head and leave her in the same water as those poor little puppies. How stupid and cruel some people can be in life. Hope Karma comes back to haunt her.
  18. Okay, it's weird b/c once I took off driving the cargo light worked. I checked it several times while driving and when I got home and truck was turned off and the cargo light worked.
  19. I have an 06 GMC Sierra and just installed a Putco Pure LED third brake light. The brake lights work but the cargo light does not even though it shows up as ON on the dash. Is there anything to check or should I assume the new fixture is bad? Any help would be appreciated.
  20. So, got the windows tinted and installed the Flowmaster 50 Series Delta Flow. The truck is definitely louder than the Ford. Yeah, I am no stranger to the GM Family as my long lost 03 SSS is missed daily. If it weren't for getting married and having an instant family I would still have the SSS. Anyways, glad I made the move back to the GM family of trucks.
  21. Thanks guys. I will check out the truxedo low pro.
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