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  1. m_segger

    SS Wheels and Bumper Cover

    Unfortunately no - thanks PM sent - thanks
  2. m_segger

    SS Wheels and Bumper Cover

    OEM wheels, paint is chipping off
  3. m_segger

    SS Wheels and Bumper Cover

    I have 4 SS wheels and a bumper cover for sale. Paint is coming off the wheels and the cover needs some work. I live in St. Charles Missouri 63303. I am not interested in providing shipping. I have no idea what I should get for the wheels. Thanks pics.pdf
  4. m_segger

    WTB - Left Air Duct

    Hello, I am needing the left air duct and don't want to pay the ridiculous GM cost. Are there any aftermarket that you would suggest? Greatly appreciated, Matt
  5. m_segger

    WTB Front Bumper

    Hi, does anyone have a front bumper for sale? or suggest an aftermarket bumper cover? Greatly appreciated
  6. First of all thank you for having this site and forum. My SS is going to the body shop next month and I am needing salvage parts to help save money, I hope, instead of buying the parts from GM. I am needing: - Front Bumper - Bed RT and LT side panels (no rust) I have attach pictures of the what needs to be replaced. Unfortunately, rust has formed in the wheel wells. Any suggestions to aftermarket parts would be greatly appreciated.