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  1. front career bearings.. known issue since 03. my ss only had 190 mi on it when i bought it new in 03. dealer replaced hole front diff with a 04 diff, after they redid the rear 2x thinking it was the rear due to the sound travailing thru the drive line.. good luck
  2. i have TOGS on my 03. the OE # i use is EO NO..D-549 they are for a 04. have not had any issue with smog. if they say their for a 01, then there should be a EGR tube on them i believe...or as above find a other shop...good luck
  3. my 03 delivery weight was 5150 lbs. moved to CA weight with speedster cover was 5550 with half tank.
  4. drain your front diff. and check for metal. common front end issue with carrier bearings going bad. good luck
  5. desrtrat


    yes, if that's so, i just have never noticed it before, have had the truck new since in 03.. thanks...
  6. desrtrat


    battery went stone dead the other night, and had to jump it off(27*) so it was time anyway for a new one. ever since i jumped it off the passlock icon on the cluster has been on when i set the remote, and stays on about 10 sec. then goes off. the red lite is flashing normally. is there a fuse, or relay for this, and where is it. nothing in the owners manual lists one..dealer is about 100 miles round trip, and i can't see going there for a .15ct fuse. any help is appreciated. edit..have no codes.
  7. after 170k on it, it could be just some carbon build up. even running top notch gas you never know what the last owner ran. IMO- i would run 1/3 can of seafoam thu the intake..(follow directions) and the rest put in fuel tank, and see if that helps. cheep @ about $8 at most parts stores.. good luck
  8. the CHP out here use them, and they are VERY quick.. we also need some AWD burn out pic's also..
  9. there is a article on this in this months Hot Rod mag..page 28..
  10. are you sure the whining is coming from the rear? 03-04 AWD are known for having bad front carrier bearing issues. mine sounded like i had a bad rear pinion bearing, with 190 mi. on it. turned out to be the front carrier's that were bad. good luck
  11. what muffler(s) are you running now?
  12. I've used Seafoam for years with good results. both in the fuel tank, and intake.
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