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  1. I agree! They don't stand out too much but are a bit more modern. I got them on Ebay for $90 they were plug and play. Box is on and all cleaned up. I love it!!!
  2. Thank you lol! Thank you!! Got everything back on including the cladding, I need to give it a wash but I love it! It has come a long way in the 3 months or so I've had it
  3. Thank you! I have seen your thread great job on the build I would love an Intimidator some day! I hope these LED tail lights are fairly plug and play but I'll keep everyone posted lol Getting closer!! Painted!! Just set on there for now. Still needs cladding and such. I am also doing a spray in bedliner
  4. Bed is off! I took this opportunity to clean up the frame Its not flawless but much better than it was. Also the box got primed and is ready for block sanding today! And I picked up some sweet LED tail lights
  5. Thank you! Soooo the rust free box I got had a dent on the driver box side which i was aware of obviously, however It was also full of bondo so I elected to put a new GM box side on it. On the plus side this box is absolutely flawless in terms of rust
  6. I got a set of weather techs and detailed the interior last weekend But the big news is the donor truck is at the shop ready for the box to be taken off and get ready for paint!
  7. I used this truck to tow a truck I bought at a salvage auction, I have to say it pulls fantastically
  8. Thank you! I have always like it in that spot on the SS's. There is some drone but its not terrible Thanks! haha I've wanted one of these for years I just can't wait to get it where I want it to be I know its sad, not to many nice ones left here. My dad runs a body shop in Monticello! I have read that, thanks for the heads up. Thank you!
  9. I was able to find a "shopman" bowtie, always liked them! I also finished my magnflow side exit exhaust Then the biggest update, I purchased a whole truck that is from down south so it is totally rust free. I am going to take the parts I need off it for my SSS then just drive it as a beater.
  10. Thank you! Me too, its my favorite on these! Thanks!! Was a beautiful weekend so I gave it a good detail Next on the list of projects is NGK plugs,MSD wires and and exhaust. I already have some of the parts.
  11. All back together!! I am so happy with how it came out! Next is a box Also got a "Vortec Max" cover and did a quick clean of the engine bay
  12. Hopefully will have it fully assembled this weekend!
  13. Well going alittle further that I had originally planned this early into having this truck but, the fenders I bought from Texas didn't match quite which turned into basically painting the whole cab since I am at it so now it will only need a box. I also have a aftermarket intimidator spoiler getting painted too.
  14. Thanks! I am in Maple Grove That is my goal eventually haha, just not sure when. I got the grille back from the shop yesterday! Now just waiting on the headlights in the mail.
  15. Thanks! Unfortunately they sure do but it will be fixed! For now just rust repair and a drop kit but I'm sure it will go from there haha
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