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  1. Long time no updates! Just have been enjoying the truck! It is put away for the winter to I intend to do a few things to it. First of which is a Trans cool 40k cooler which I installed yesterday. So much bigger than the stock cooler Also looks super cool behind the grille!
  2. I haven't had any issues with mine
  3. Finally out enjoying this thing!
  4. Back together! Aside from the rear bumper I didn't have time to put on. First I POR15'd the brackets for the cladding Made sure to test fit everything before I drill any holes I felt bad drilling into these nice clean rockers haha But I did make sure to spray lots of rust proofing in the holes even though it will never see salt All riveted back on Back together! ?? backed it out of the garage to see if outside
  5. Sooooo much work has gone into this truck recently. I knew the rockers and cab corners needed attention but after taking a closer look one day i realized they were much much worse than I had thought.. So that meant it was time to get them done. I was hoping not to have to do this so soon but I can't leave it like this. Major dismantling Old junk cut out The inner rockers were toast too All the old junk out New inners going in New outer rockers on All painted! Too bad this will all be covered up by the cladding Painted the rocker cladding too. And that's where its at as of now
  6. Yes I have and they work just as advertised! I would defiantly recommend them! I got my 06 lower grilles in yesterday to officially finish the front end swap Before With the K Designs lower Honeycomb grille Then I cleaned the air ducts really good and replaced the inserts with the OEM Honeycomb ones
  7. Thanks! I can't wait to see all of them on in spring! I got alot done over the last couple weeks! I finished the headliner. I also ordered the full corsa exhaust. I had the custom made side exit for awhile but I never was in love with it, but this Corsa kit is amazing! Then I got some diesel led front LED switch back turn signal bulbs. The best thing about them is they have a build in resistor so there is no need to chop up the factory wiring! https://dieselleds.com/collections/chevy-2500-3500-1999-2007/products/lumenex-switchback I also got a K Designs 3D printed lower honeycomb grille and the matching oem air duct inserts to complete the 06 front end swap And to finish off this post I got this awesome ornament for Christmas
  8. Thanks! Unfortunately I haven't had time to finish it yet I because I came down with COVID. But yesterday I did test fit a wheel and I cannot wait to see them all on come spring!
  9. Started the headliner repair. I was able to find some suede that closely matches the stock color Typical sagging Took me awhile to scrape off all of the old glue. But be carful not to damage the fiberglass headliner New material all laid out! I'll let it dry for a few days before I re install everything. I also still have to re cover the sun visors.
  10. https://www.ebay.com/itm/18PCS-White-LED-Interior-License-Light-Package-Kit-For-Chevy-Silverado-1999-2006/252008749683?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649 They are great quality especially for the price! They are 22x10s. Not sure on tires yet I'm going with 285/45/22 based on what I've read. Thanks!
  11. OH YES? I've dreamed of these wheels since I got the truck, now just have to wait for spring
  12. Well, she's put away for winter ? But now that means its time for more upgrades! I installed a pioneer double din with android auto which I really love and a 10in Rockford P1 with a box made to fit under the seat. This was my first go around at car audio and I think it came out pretty good! Next its time to fix the saggy headliner
  13. I got an interior LED package from Ebay. It makes a huge difference! Then I got a 05 Trailblazer airbag swapped in and I ordered the "ss" horn decal with the proper font. Just waiting for that to come in. http://www.motorcityvinyl.com/silverado-circle-emblem/
  14. Thanks! I am planning on getting replica chrome 22's and refinishing the headliner (which is next) I went to the scrap yard yesterday and got some trim parts to dye when I plan to recover the headliner in suede. I got the spares in case it doesn't turn out Here is what I plan to use, from my research this should be a match (or very very close) to the factory dark pewter Here is what I want the end result to be.
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