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  1. I did everything at once and pulled the wheels, new spark plugs, new shocks, greased the fittings, added the Arraid filter and snorkel. and cleaned.
  2. SSmoothSilSS

    What did you do to your SS today?

    The ss clone, repainted the front bumper cover and some of the side cladding, replaced hood latch, add hose clamps. On the 03 SS I did all the fluid changes in the drivetrain, replace the oil sensor, it was malfunctioned and leaking.
  3. SSmoothSilSS

    Wanted to buy

    Anyone have drivers cladding in black, in nice shape no damage. And a passenger front bed cladding in black. Or trade a red front bed for a black front bed cladding. Also a long shot would be a nice front bumper cover in black. Anyone used Sameday on eBay?
  4. SSmoothSilSS

    Dash suddenly changes displays

    Thats good news, mine has had a couple of times the gauges didn't work. This is a grounding issue not a gauge issue. So I added more grounding strap from the negative post to the engine block. And this summer I will clean up all the grounding frame connections. Post some pic of the 59. I'm doing a 68 charger. I'll try to post some pics.
  5. SSmoothSilSS

    SSmoothSilSS RCSB Clone

    Working on my other projects just don't have time to drive. Up for sale, I know I'm asking alot but try to put one together. Needs paint. https://seattle.craigslist.org/oly/cto/d/olympia-chevy-truck-c10shortbox/6873367304.html
  6. SSmoothSilSS

    How do you guys clean your OEM center caps??

    If I remember there is a plastic coating over the top, I have never tried to peel it off I just replaced them with new and used there bad one in the winter.
  7. SSmoothSilSS


    Did you get out a beat his ass?
  8. SSmoothSilSS

    It been a while

    Hello, happy new year to you, do you still have your SS?
  9. SSmoothSilSS

    Weird battery drain.

    I think you can pull the fuse, but I wanted to be sure it was completely disconnected, but if you know you have a bad cluster that the first place to start. If you read my other thread about reduce power problems I'm having as, I'm going to be doing the Big 3 also and adding more ground straps. This spring I will clean and recoat all my ground connections.
  10. SSmoothSilSS

    Weird battery drain.

    Shawn, mine did something similar, I did the same and pulled the radio fuse and it seemed that was the problem, then it came back and it is probably in the cluster, take apart the dash and unplug the cluster for a few days to see it goes away. If it does you will need your cluster rebuilt. I had gmgaugeguy.com rebuild mine and now no problems. I've read all kind of threads on here and the other truck forums and that seem like the more likely suspect. Clay
  11. SSmoothSilSS

    Wills Rcsb Build

    I've looked a these, how was the fit?
  12. SSmoothSilSS

    Brake ducts

    I use a 7mm ratchet wrench. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00UBG4WMU/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  13. SSmoothSilSS

    Reduce Engine Power Warning.

    So after this happen I've clean off the grounding connection up under the headlights, and the motor to firewall, and the code has not come back but when I let my truck sit for a few days and I start it up the cluster is in the other languages, and I have to reset it. For the last month its been wet and probably condensation on connections. This spring I will add other ground connections and check the throttle connection.
  14. Ok I had this happen, I have read alot of threads on this. Mine happen on when the weather changed and a lot of condensation was in the air. i tighten and checked all the grounds. Our trucks are getting old and more corrosion on the ground connections are happening so we need to keep them clean. Got the code of P1516 and reset it and it hasn't come back. My truck sat for about 4 days when this happen and since that I have been starting and running it for a 5 minutes everyday or every other day and no it won't repeat itself. Anyway I am monitoring it weekly. Here is a good article if you have the problem. https://www.fixmyoldride.com/Chevrolet-reduced-engine-power.html