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  1. Can you send pics of the spoiler 360-791-9804
  2. There are brackets underneath the door and bed cladding. If removed you would have screw holes to fill.
  3. Looks good Ted, I need some upgrades on headlights also.
  4. I've heard of a just one guy and he said it fit good, but I would say there is all ways so modification with aftermarket cladding.
  5. Mine is at 143,000 and the only thing that is a problem is in the winter the gauges need to be reset, this is a common grounding issue with GM trucks of these years. Moisture from sitting a week or so with no heat in cab makes it go to French language. I guest if thats the only problem I can handle it.
  6. I have a set of the door long brackets let me see if I have the other, I’ll check tomorrow.
  7. I know, I check about once every two weeks and have some topics come to my email. Yes alot of info here.
  8. Good to hear from you Ray, mine are running good, I have the shortbox for sale. alot of guys want it but no money in hand yet. My clear coat has started to peel, parked outside all the time. I will try to get a re-paint this year. Clay
  9. Man that a clean 2004. Mine was looking that good but clear is starting to peel.
  10. I guess this site has officially died when I'm was the only member logged in.
  11. Read this topic, if it sits for a few days moisture cause the grounds to not make good enough contact. I have added double grounds and cleaned up the connections. Works most of the time but every once an awhile it happens.
  12. Taken out of the box for photos never installed. $400 plus shipping. Comes with the Bowtie. I'm in Washington State if you want to pick up.
  13. I have a 06 SS grille, oem new never installed with bowtie. $400 plus shipping. If not I will post in the for sale section soon. Thanks
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