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  1. Hey, Right now I have the stock Goodyear Eagle LS2 tires, which are 275/55/20, but I plan on lowering my truck more and want something wider and more low profile. I was wondering if anyone had any good recommendations for 295/45/20 tires? I plan to run them on the stock SS rims, which I believe are 20 x 8.5. I am willing to go with 285/45/20 if necessary, but I really want to stick with that size sidewall because I like how it looks. Thanks.
  2. Tru Killer

    Wills Rcsb Build

    Yo where did you get that Silverado SS lanyard? That is dope, I want one!
  3. Tru Killer

    Cabin Air Filter Retrofit/Install

    Unfortunately no.. this is an issue site wide because everyone apparently loved Photobucket back in the day. If you see that generic picture it means they have to sign into their Photobucket account from years ago and update their account preferences.
  4. Tru Killer

    Looking for a tailgate lock

    Are there any other security products out there you guys know of that protects the tailgate? Or is the gate keeper thing all there is? Just curious.
  5. Tru Killer

    Painted black fiberglass bed cover

    Do you know who makes the bed cover? Looks like a Snugtop.
  6. Tru Killer

    Best to members in Harvey's path

    Well shit that's crazy, you did get lucky man I would have been freaking out too. Hopefully the worst of the storm has passed now.
  7. Tru Killer

    2003 SilveradoSS 13,000 miles

    Seeing how this guy took care of his truck I wouldn't be surprised if he still has the original parts lol.
  8. Tru Killer

    Best to members in Harvey's path

    How are your guys rides? I hope everyone is able to keep themselves and their belongings safe!
  9. Tru Killer

    Parting out 2004 ss

    Btw just thought I'd point out that's a Corsa exhaust not Borla. Good luck with the truck man, I agree with the others that it'd be real nice to see this thing put back together. It's honestly not in too bad shape at all. Just needs a new bed and front end basically. Also, what bed cover is that? Did you have to bolt it on?
  10. Tru Killer

    Original SS rims for Sale only 2

    I wish I had the cash right now, I'd buy one to replace my spare tire lol.
  11. Tru Killer

    Antenna Delete

    Thank you and I will!
  12. Tru Killer

    Antenna Delete

    Sorry to dig up an old thread, but what was the part number for this? It looks identical just without the hole.
  13. Tru Killer

    2006 Silverado SS speaker dimensions?

    Ohh nice I thought that was for like OnStar or something so I never pressed it haha.
  14. Tru Killer

    Corsa catback

    You can try uploading to http://imgur.com/then posting the link here.
  15. Sorry should have clarified, I meant the cost to install. I have heard C notching the frame adds a lot more labor costs.