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  1. CZBLK04SS

    ISO rust free bed

    I'm still looking for a bed, anyone know of any for sale?
  2. CZBLK04SS

    E Fan conversation, PLEASE HELP!!!!

    Nice, do you just have to turn them on in the PCM or do you have to set on/off temps too?
  3. CZBLK04SS

    E Fan conversation, PLEASE HELP!!!!

    Did you use an OEM fan or a Replacement from 1AAuto or Dorman. So it's just fans,harness and tune?
  4. CZBLK04SS

    ISO rust free bed

    Preferably black but would entertain other colors for the right price. I don't need the SS moldings. Wheel wells are starting to rust again after having patch panels put in 2 years ago. I don't want to pay 4-5k to get the bed sides replaced, need to either replace the bed or unfortunately sell the truck.
  5. CZBLK04SS

    OEM SS Claddings & Brackets

    How much did you end up selling this for, I might have a full set to sell soon. Just trying to get a round about price figured out.
  6. CZBLK04SS

    Shakeing at 80mph

    I was having vibration at around that speed also. It ended up being my idler arm, I replaced the Pitman arm too.
  7. CZBLK04SS

    03 driver side rear view mirror

    Looks good to me: https://www.gmpartsdirect.com/oem-parts/gm-mirror-assembly-88980721/?c=Zz1ib2R5JnM9b3V0c2lkZS1taXJyb3JzJmk9R0g5OTY5MjUmcj1sYXllcl8xJmE9Y2hldnJvbGV0Jm89c2lsdmVyYWRvLTE1MDAmeT0yMDA0JnQ9c3MmZT02LTBsLXY4LWdhcw%3D%3D
  8. CZBLK04SS

    Cab mount position #'s?

    That's how I usually go about it also, it seems like the price on these doesn't differ too much. You're definitely right on that one, you think you're getting a better price until you see the shipping...
  9. CZBLK04SS

    Cab mount position #'s?

    I got the pricing through Tasca, the prices are usually the same as Gmpartsdirect. They're basically the same site, Tasca actually had pictures of the parts though.
  10. CZBLK04SS

    Cab mount position #'s?

    I actually did get a chance to get under the truck yesterday and also called Dorman tech support, I figured out what I needed to know. From firewall to bed is 1-2-3. It looks like everything I need would be $365 from GM, Dorman stuff would be $265 from RockAuto.
  11. CZBLK04SS

    Cab mount position #'s?

    I guess I've had pretty good luck then. Do you know if all the mounts are the same for the cab or what the position numbers are?
  12. CZBLK04SS

    Cab mount position #'s?

    I haven't really had any issues with the Dorman products, they seem to be the same quality as GM parts or better. The washers on the bottom of several of them are rusted so bad I can break pieces off by hand. On one the washer is so deteriorated that the bottom bushing fell off.
  13. CZBLK04SS

    Cab mount position #'s?

    So I need to replace my cab mounts. I don't really want to go with polyurethane since I hear you get a lot of road noise with them. Dorman makes rubber ones that are cheaper then the GM ones. My question is, I'm not sure what I need to order because I can't find a diagram showing what the mount position numbers are for our trucks and that's how Dorman separates them. I'm assuming front to back of cab is 2-3-3 but not sure. Can anyone help me out with this? Thanks.