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  1. Hey everyone, I searched for suspension issues and found very specific threads; I hope it is okay to make a new thread about this topic. I am looking for advice. I have a really loud squeaking sound coming from my front suspension. Greasing the hell out of it didn't do anything and I am thinking I am going to have to take apart the front suspension to find the issue. I brought it in once and the mechanic couldn't pinpoint where it was coming from. Since a lot of the components are getting really old and suffering the brutal torment of mid-west salty roads, I am considering replacing the main components of my front suspension. My questions are: Which route should I go; replace the parts or try an locate the specific issue? Which company should I go for the suspension parts. Is this way to hard for a novice to tackle? What could I expect in costs? Thank you for your time and consideration SS family. - Stewart
  2. Does anyone know what the stock temperatures should be for the oil, transmission, engine, etc.?
  3. Hello, I am about to fix my tailgate handle. The problem occurred when my tailgate wouldn't close anymore. There are two rods attached to the handle, one for the left and one for the right. The rods are connected to the handle by plastic clips which is usually the root of the problem for tailgate issues. The rods then are attached to hooks that keep your tailgate latched to your bed. Both of my clips are broken so I cannot close my tailgate. When ordering a new handle, they come with new clips. I am sure there is somewhere you can get just the plastic clips which would be much cheaper. I will post pictures of the process which is very simple. I found that one way to avoid this problem is to pull the handle when closing the tailgate instead of just pushing it up. When closing the tailgate like most guys do by throwing it upwards or just shutting it, it jerks the plastic clips in a quick motion which can lead to damage or breakage of the clips. Chances are some of you may have one broken clip and your tailgate is only being held on by one side. It is worth taking the handle off to see what shape your tailgate is in. It wouldn't be a great situation having it fly open when your blasting down to highway in your SSS. Has anyone had this same issue? Any Advice?
  4. I know this is an old thread but I don't want to make a new one. I am going to replace my bulbs pretty soon. There is someone on Ebay selling blue, green, red and white DIY bulbs and instructions. These are not new switches; you will need to solder on the new bulbs. SEARCH Ebay: DIY Blue LED Upgrade Kit for GM GMC Chevrolet Steering Wheel Switches & Controls. A common problem is the length of the harness wires connected to bottom switches, mileage, fuel, information and enter controls. Most people say that the top controls, prog., source, seek and volume, are easy enough to install as the wires are longer. I have seen and heard that some people feel the need to disable the airbag/remove it in order to lengthen the wires on the bottom control harnesses. I found this video to be very helpful on YouTube:
  5. I have the WeatherTech mats but, even though they are custom fit, they are too bulky and they still move a little bit. They are great for the winter, it traps all the salt and nasty shit that you do not want on your interior. I have custom embroidered Silverado SS mats that I got from Lloyds that I use in good weather conditions, Spring/Summer/Early Fall.
  6. I had mine tinted at 20% for a long time. I miss it. It was obviously really hard to see at night. The cops in my area started pulling me over for it so, I had to get rid of it. When I move out of my town, I will replace it with a 50% and 5% eyebrow.
  7. I just joined as well. I have had the truck for a few years though. Post a Picture!
  8. ]Hey everyone, I have been meaning to join this community for awhile now. I hope that everyone in here is somewhat active. I am looking forward to possibly attending some meets or events. I want to thank everyone that has already posted information on how to do upgrades, photos, etc. One of my best friends has a Subaru and their sub-culture is very active and it is nice to have somewhat of a community aspect. My Silverado SS: 2005, Born in January in Canada Black VHO AWD Sunroof/Moonroof Twin Scoop Hood Chevy 5-Spoke Chrome/Silver Rims with Brake Dust Protectors Custom dual side exhaust Tow Package Hard Tonneau Cover Limo Tints 5% in the back Limo Tint 5% for the visor/eyebrow Limo Tint 5% sunroof 35% for driver and passenger window In-dash upgrade Sound system upgrades, Won an award for my sound system last year Slotted rotors Monotube Sport Shocks I am sure that I am missing things, if anyone has questions please ask.
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