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  1. If it’s your daily o would say don’t do it!. I don’t understand why everyone is all about the accuair shiz either. Yeah it’s one unit but the thing is slow AF it’s like going back to when we first started bagging trucks using manual valves and 1/4 inch air. And the price....no thanks. I would go online to I think it’s airbagit.com or something like that. I’m not sure because it’s here in as close to me so I just go there but get a nice bracket set up for the front. E en check suicidedoors.com they use to have cool shit for good prices back in the day. But get a bracket kit then locate a set of 1/2 smc valves. To Parker’s or those other cheap ones because even tho they look the same they do not perform the same. So get 4 valves for the front and in the rear I would do 3/8s Vales for lift and 1/2 for the dump so the beds not shooting up. Mount the front ones on the frame rails just under the cab and have hydraulic lines made at your local hose shop to go from the bad to the valve. Way worth the money to never have to worry about a blown line. The rear you will have to rid the leaf springs. Whatever link set up you go with just make sure the air bags are not mounted over the axel. Bag over axel rides like dog shit and will beat your teeth out I promise you won’t like it. The bags have got to go on the link arms somewhere before the axel. Not only will it ride like a caddy but you will get slot of lift out of the bag as well. I’m sure there are plenty of companies out there making kits for them. Just make sure the pinion angle is set good at ride height,you don’t want any vibration. Wire up your valves with some nice shielded speaker wire so it’s only one wire you have to run from all 4 corners. The option for switches is almost never ending. You can order 4 switches, one for each corner or more if you want one switch to tie both fronts together or both rests . You can even tie all 4 into one switch. I like that for the dump. So when you park you just flip the one rocker switch and it dumps all 4. I’ve always liked installing 2 of the 3 gallon tanks . One on each side with its own high output compressor. That way the air lines are all as short as possible. Well there is my unnecessary 2 cents lol if you need Andy help or advice just message me anytime
  2. Bro with the price of eBay headers being almost free these days, it’s going to be hard to find someone to buy a used set. Clearly those are well made quality headers and probaly cost a grip new. They don’t care about anything but getting the best deal. Even tho they will get those polished stainless headers off eBay and have to hammer a tube almost shit so it clears the steering and 2 weeks later the chrome is gone any they look like shit all pitted like they are 20 years old and leaking that’s a whole nother story lol. If I had extra money I would take them off your hands. I have a few extra high end car audio amps laying around if you want to make a trade lol.cool exhaust man good luck selling it and if you wanna trade or just dump the to get them out of your way let me know atleast I will appreciate the American made quality lol
  3. Put them on mine and pulled the. Right back off and sold them. Stocks worked just was good. After talking to a caliper manufacture they explained it to me that this is a old school way to get a bbk before all the companies were making them for trucks. Also that they are made to stop a 2500lbs vetted and not a 3500lbs truck. Yes they are 6 piston but not big pistons. I have a brembo bbk now and difference in piston size is crazy! It’s ok out of 50 I bet maybe 5 people actually did the conversion. I don’t think people look at the cost of the parts beforculling the trigger on the idea. I only did it because I bought all the Calipers On offer up for 200. If you search around you can find a Powerstop bbk for 150 or under. I have seen them for1200 on clearance. I’m not knocking dudes “ brackets” they are well built and hav kick ass hardwear. Would love to hear some other non biased opinions. That’s the other shitty part is someone will tell you they are great and the best thing in the world , just because they spent so much on them but really they don’t even like them lol
  4. Looking good! You went a step further and bought Baer Caliper I see. How much did those run you? Do you know how thick your rear rotors are? I measured my new 14 inch rotors with the micrometer and they're only measuring .81. The stock ones on the truck are over an inch for sure. Idk the new ones are so thin. I'm starting to think they sent me the wrong ones.
  5. So a lot of you purchased The brackets to run the Z06 front 6 piston brake calipers and 4 piston rear brake calipers but I’m not seeing much of anything about them being installed! For those of you that did install them I would like to start up a thread here that discusses just that. If you have any tips or pointers or did anything different that worked out for You let's share that info with each other. Also stuff like what pads and how they work, same thing with the rotors. Websites,? part numbers, prices. Performance review. I know I’m No not the only one out here curious Z06, big brakes, 6 piston caliper, stop,
  6. Anyone use the rear 14” rotors from SSBC?
  7. ***Role call*** I would like to know who has got There’s done and installed??
  8. Thanks man! Those KC switched lwe’re fat and angled down so I cut and made them fit Flush. I used epoxy to keep them in place
  9. I looked for one of those for a while with no luck so I got creative with what I had, needed a place to put all this junk so that’s what I came up with.
  10. Hey do you sell a tierod conversion to heimnjoint kit?
  11. I bought new 20 inch rims for my Tahoe so that I can fit the big brake kit. I went with a set of KMC XD Wheels. I went to put them on and the GD Brembo caliper hits the backside of The Middle of the rim so I had to order a set of 1/2 inch spacers but I don't want to put them on until I get extended wheel studs. Does anyone know who sells longer wheel studs I want some heavy-duty ones not generic eBay China ones. I take it 4-wheeling and off road and get pretty wild so I don't want the wheel falling off of it LOL
  12. All that's left is the rear calipers now.
  13. Yeah the mobile site is pretty ghetto
  14. I messaged you back and you never responded to me. Hate when people do that also lol????
  15. October 15, 2018 Hey guys I have a set of the front brackets with hardware that I'm not going to be using. I also have a set of silver grandsport/z06 caliper for the rear. They need to be rebuilt. You can rebuild them or you can trade them in as a core. I have a baer eradispeed front kit b.c brand new still in the box. 14in . 2 piece rotor also if anyone is intrested let me know.
  16. If the do fit that would be badass. You might be able to use the 14in rotors. It's just been so hot here in Arizona I haven't went out there to figure it out yet and the price compared to the ZO6 caliper and pads alone would be a significant difference. I bought a set of front pads for those Camaro brembos from RockAuto on clothes out for like $6 and it came with all of the hardware to
  17. If I wasnt so lazy I would go outside and pull one off to find out lol.
  18. All parts are up for sale again.
  19. if you clean the seat back portion with scrubbing bubbles barhroom cleaner it will take that shine off the old leather. They say you can only do it once. I did it in my tahoe before I decided to get the upholstery redone. I recommend reading up on it before anyone just jumps right in there and starts spraying tho, that stuff is some mean shit but surprises the hell out of you. If you get it on any of the plastic parts it eats the paint
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